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The Cake is A Lie

the_cake_is_a_lie_515The cake is a lie. It isn’t even cake. It’s a vehicle to further solidify the truth I have created for myself right now, which is that I’m beyond saving. I’m too far gone. I’ve lost all of my motivation, slipped far from my health and fitness goals, and so now this is what I deserve. I deserve to eat a huge piece of cake, not because I’ll enjoy it but because the sugar will make me sluggish, and I’m not even that hungry, and it’s there so I might as well eat some, since that’s what I do.

And so I go to bed. Another day with too much sugar and not enough movement. Another night I’ve pushed myself to exhaustion before collapsing into bed to lie awake.

It’s become clear that my own well-being isn’t enough to motivate me out of this place. Not right now. And so instead, I’ll do it for her. Because I want to keep letting her spend one night a week in my bed, letting her believe it’s an indulgence for her when it’s just as much a treat for me. Because I want to feel alive and exhilarated and strong through every moment I get to spend with this fantastic kid. Because I want to have the energy to give her the attention she deserves in the precious few hours I get with her during the week. Because I want to keep up with her, challenge her, and teach her to own her own power.

20160523_174544For her, I’ll sleep more. I’ll hydrate more, move more, stretch more. I’ll do more yoga and meditation. I’ll stop mindlessly eating for punishment, for guilt, for boredom and sadness and stress and frustration and social ease. I’ll be mindful, purposeful, and honoring of this one body I have, that I get to share with the most amazing soul to ever walk this earth.

For her, I’ll recommit to my yoga practice, which does my heart and soul so much good.

For her, I’ll go back to Camp Gladiator in June, as planned. I’m scared to go back, terrified of the heat and the difficulty and returning after two months off. I’m worried I won’t be able to do it, that I’m so unfit that I won’t be able to finish the first workout, that the frustration will keep me from going back more than once, that I won’t go back at all. But I will. I promised her I’d go back, and so I’ll go. Because it makes me happier, healthier, better prepared to face the world with m very best.

It won’t be easy. I’m in such a rough spot that it’s going to take near-constant recommitting to my goals. I need to be prepared for gentleness, for patience, and for extra focus on being aware and in the moment as much as possible. But I have to remember I haven’t completely run out of sparks. I did do a half-marathon on an exercise bike to earn my first Hogwarts Running Club medal. (It’s awesome.)

It’s time. Summer is coming. My incredible kid is GRADUATING FROM FIRST GRADE. We’ve got a busy, fun summer ahead of us before starting a whole new school year. We’re looking at maybe moving, in the same area, but to somewhere a little closer to her school or a little closer to my office while still in the school district. My career is really shaping up beautifully, with a job I enjoy and work I am proud of. It’s time.

So help me out. Tell me how you climb out of a funk, what you do to get back on track, and how you handle setbacks in that process.


Classical education: making old into new

Recycling some of my favorite old posts from a forgotten group blog…

A recent New York Times opinion article touched on the potential advantages of high school curriculum focusing on a “classical education,” which usually means a concentration on Latin and classical literature along with course offerings in reasoning, rhetoric, and philosophy.

In the Times article, the author was fortunate enough to attend a classics high school and remembered his time there as among the most challenging of his intellectual pursuits, despite going on to attend Ivy League colleges.

So how does such an ancient plan for a child’s education stand to benefit the child? The classics help students understand what the great thinkers of the past have done to help shape and explain the world around them. The education system would focus on what classical students considered most important, which would move the focus away from modern class structure and toward a concentration on math, science, literature, and logic learned through memorization and repetition. This education provides students with the ability to communicate effectively in speaking and writing, and prepares them fully for further education at top schools, professional careers, and the successful navigation of the world at large.

Many supporters of the movement suggest that the current educational trends are shifted too much toward skill sets used in making money instead of the best possible educational platform. Experts in the field suggest that students be limited in their use of computers until the foundations of reading and writing are firmly established. Arts would remain an important part of the academic environment in order to produce well rounded students who are capable of applying their learning to any situation.

Unfortunately, this type of education is not easily quantifiable, making it difficult for educators, administrators, and parents to measure student performance. The current trend toward more and more easily measurable educational systems is narrowing the academic field and producing children who may test well, but are not necessarily prepared to function competitively in the higher academics and professional circles.

For me, it’s an easy choice. I’d much rather a child grow up with a balance view of the world based on an education that has carried great minds through centuries of top performance and thought. A classical education will give her the opportunity to learn more than basic facts, which the average school child currently remains ignorant of, and gives her the skills necessary to apply critical thinking throughout her life. It is here, in the realms of critical thinking and effective communication, that I think our current educational system falls behind.

(See the original post here)



Med School - Toy Story


I still honestly believe that leaving the post-bacc program saved my sanity and my family. I was killing myself. But honestly? I still can’t think too much about it because walking away from it left me questioning some of how I see myself.

Be prepared, I’m about to indulge in some serious self-pity.

I’m smart. I got excellent grades my whole life, and did it without working very hard. It’s just the way my brain works. I got used to, and very much liked, being good at academics.

So when I consistently got mediocre grades in that program? I hated every second of it. I KILLED myself studying, slept WAY too little, drank WAY too much coffee in a desperate attempt to pull off the grades I was used to, the grades I still believe I would have needed to get into med school.

And? I just couldn’t. Yes, there were some extenuating circumstances like raising a toddler and, more importantly in terms of disruption, my five hour daily commute. I firmly believe that if I’d lived much closer to or on campus, like I believe the other students did, I would have had an easier time. It still would have been tremendously hard for me, but I think I could have pulled it off. And sometimes that really gets to me, that I’ve walked away from a potentially great path because of circumstances beyond my control. That being said, in the end I really don’t think it was the right path for me.

A good hard look at my priorities actually had me wondering why I’d ever chosen the program in the first place. At what point did I decide that making a lot of money would be worth spending years away from Evi, as she blossomed and grew? I think it might have been doomed from the start. I would have missed her too much.

Sometimes though, I wonder if I really could have done it. Sometimes I fear I was just not smart enough. I was literally giving it everything I had (and then some) and just wasn’t keeping up. For someone who has always defined myself in terms of my academic achievement, who has drawn much of my sense of worth from my perceived intelligence, how do I come to terms with academic failure?

I don’t know. I’m not even sure why I’m writing about this now, except that I’m hormonal and the (largely) useless job hunt I’ve been plowing through since September is starting to wear on my sense of worth.


#30: Meditate

Achievement & desire


Were you happy with who you were in 2011? Who do you want to be in 2012 and beyond? (WEverb11)

You know what’s lovely for me about this prompt? I can honestly answer it by saying that I loved who I was this year, and I continue to really like ME. I’m proud of how hard I worked at premed and proud of how honest I was when I needed to quit or die. I’m proud of the work I’ve done to reclaim my health, and SUPER proud of the way I’ve maintained that effort. It’s easily the longest I’ve sustained a real effort toward healthy living.

I’m so happy when I look at my perfect little family, and I’m proud to take some small measure of credit for that. I’m happy to believe that my marriage is thriving in part because I work at it, that my daughter is thrillingly smart in part because I stimulate her enough and love her even more. Sure, it’s not all me. It might not even be mostly me. But I played a part, and it’s a part I’m amazingly proud of.

So yes, resoundingly yes. I love who I am. I love my desire to learn, my stubborn streak, my ability to love without reserve. I love my loyalty, my creativity, my fire.

What do I want for 2012? I just want to keep going, keep working toward honest relationships with the people I love, including myself. I want to keep working toward healthy ways to think about food and exercise. I want to push myself a little harder, a little farther, just to see what I can do.


Speaking of my kid… can I brag for a minute? Three little things…

  • Last night she was watching Nemo as I was making dinner. Just as I put the food in the oven, she came barreling into the kitchen. “Mommy. Mommy. HOW do starfish swim?” Eyes wide as saucers, she was very concerned with the answer. I explained how they move in the water and why it’s different from fish (no fins, no gills) and she thought for a moment, letting it all sink in. “Okay,” she finally said, an air of satisfaction in the word as she turned and barreled right back in to the living room.
  • This morning, after finishing her morning juice, she headed out of the living room. Suddenly, just inside the doorway, she stopped and turned back. “Wait. I forgot my kiss!” She threw herself into my arms and gave me a sweet little kiss before continuing on her important toddler business for the morning.
  • This afternoon she asked for exactly FOUR almonds for a snack. While I adore that on it’s own (she always asks for less than five), it got better. She had two in each hand. “One, two,” she said to her left hand. “One, two,” she said to her right hand. “Mommy,” she looked up, an important discovery all over her face. “Mommy. Two plus two is four.” She smiled, then ate them all at once.

Of fall and fiction…

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (I've had two today...)

Oh man you guys. THE PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE is back at Starbucks… and apparently the pumpkins are moustachioed. Cool.

I’m apologizing in advance for this post, which is simultaneously going to be a super long recap of everything in my head right now and also one of those irritating “why I haven’t been blogging” posts. So sorry, and if you make it to the end of the post, you totally get an imaginary cookie. Or maybe a real cookie…. if you don’t mind stale, sent in the US mail baked goods. So here we go…

Sarnac Pumpkin Ale: This tastes nothing, nothing like pumpkin, though it does have some nice spice to it. Overall, it was a little heavier than I generally like my beer, and I think I can blame the “ale” part… but it wasn’t bad. I probably wouldn’t try it again, but that has a lot to do with the fact that I now have like ten thousand other recommendations for pumpkin and/or fall beers to try.

Weight: So…. yeah… I’m fat again. I’ve gained back all but about fifteen pounds. It sucks. I’m cranky about it. I’ve not yet mustered the motivation/energy to do something significant about it. So… I don’t know. I’m still trying, sometimes. Some days I’m awesome. Most days I start out with big plans and end up with pastries. It doesn’t help that my back is still really hurting, and it’s keeping me from a lot of movement. Long term standing or walking really hurts my back, and any twisting does too. I’d love to swim, but we don’t have access to a pool unless we pay, which we’re FAR too broke to do. I don’t know. I’m ashamed. I’m embarrassed. I’m frustrated. I’m also, paradoxically, apathetic about the whole thing. We’ll see.

Chiropractor: Speaking of my back, I’m now seeing a chiropractor three times a week. He’s helping a lot, but the whole process means a lot of ups and downs, and sometimes my adjustment days are much worse than the days in between. Overall, I am definitely seeing some pain relief, but it’s a LONG process. I do love my chiropractor though, and going in to his office means fifteen minutes laying on a table with a hot pad on my back (among many, many other things… a fair few less pleasant ones) so I can’t complain too much, right?

IUD: I know a lot of you don’t care, but I figured I’d just toss in here that I LOVE my IUD. It’s so easy, so uncomplicated. I’ve had zero issues with any of the potential side effects, and being hormone free is making a HUGE difference in my mood/emotions/libido. So if you’re considering it? DO IT!

Fallergies: Y’all, it’s fall! I love fall! Except that this morning I woke up with the first sign of fall… horrifying allergies. My head is stuffy and full of pressure, my eyeballs hurt, and my throat hurts from the drip. I feel gross. It feels gross. I’m not sleeping well because I can’t breathe when I lay down. I’m off to get some Claritin today at my brother’s recommendation, since he has allergies too and thinks Claritin has the best effect. Otherwise though, I’m thrilled that we’re finally seeing some signs of fall. Even the rainy days don’t bother me. I can’t wait to be in scarves and sweaters… and then hopefully put off winter forever. Perpetual fall sounds like heaven to me.

Anxiety dreams: One of the biggest signs of serious stress for me is anxiety dreams. They tend to surface when I’m under a fair amount of stress and am, for whatever reason, not acknowledging it. They always follow a similar pattern too: the world is in some sort of apocalyptic crisis and it falls on me to save some very important person(s) from the crisis. Inevitably, I end up coming across some awesome tool/friend/resource that helps me get through the crisis in a way that means I do, in fact, save the person(s) in question, but the process is stressful and terrifying. I’ve had two this week that were so bad they woke me up.

Sunday night’s dream: I’m sitting in the large bay window of my San Francisco townhouse, where I live with Evi and my mother. I’m watching as mourners walk past carrying the coffin of a little boy who recently died, and I’m crying. As the funeral passes, I notice that there are hundreds of people suddenly walking down the road. As one, they all fall to the ground, have a violent seizure, then get up and start walking again. It weirds me out, and on instinct I go up to Evi’s room and carry my sleeping beauty down to our panic room. Oh yeah, we have a panic room. When I go back up and look out the window again, the street and sidewalks are FULL of people now, but they’re all children. (Why are children creepier?) I get super weirded out now, and lock the door. When the lock clicks, every creepy child stops, and every creepy head turns toward my house. I run to the back room to get my mom, and when we come back past the bay window on our way to the panic room, we see that the window is covered top-to-bottom in creepy kid faces, and the knob on the locked door is slowly turning. We run down to the panic room, where we lock the door. This turns out to be a serious panic room, actually a full-on underground fortress built by my (previously assumed to be insane and now deceased) in-dream father. There is food storage, an internal power source, and some system that makes the whole thing impenetrable and will protect us for 10+ years. There’s a fake “outside” with astroturf and a fake sun. So we end up safe, but god… the mental image of a bay window full of creepy, staring children’s faces…

Eloise Thinking (creepy)


You’re welcome.

Last night’s dream? Aliens. This one worked out a bit better, as I ended up saving Evi by teaming up with my neighbor and his daughter, who just happened to have a HUGE work van full of supplies like bottled water, canned food, and camping gear. And (bonus!) the neighbor also happened to be a skilled spelunker (oh yeah!) who managed to get us and all of our supplies into this crazy inaccessible cave where we hid to wait it out. My neighbor?

Joe Manganiello (True Blood's Alcide)

Joe Manganiello (True Blood's Alcide) |source:|

You’re SO, SO welcome.

You made it this far? Really? Well, at least you got Alcide’s abs out of it. So here’s the bigger thing, the biggest reason why I’ve been lax about blogging lately.

Premed: I think I’m done. I’ve spent the last two semesters watching Aaron’s stress levels get higher and higher until he’s now at the point where he’s bouncing off of his maximum stress levels all the time now. Most of it is financial, and being in school still is making it SO much worse because it means not making any money and frequently costing us quite a bit. So although nothing is certain right now, I don’t think I’ll be continuing down that path. Instead, I’ve been looking for full-time jobs in a few places and following up on some leads from friends. I’ll be back with details if anything comes through for me.

It wasn’t an easy decision, and I’m still not at all sure it’s the right one. In fact, I’m nearly positive it’s the source of all of these anxiety dreams. But here’s the thing. Two things sold me on the possibility of abandoning the med school path.

#1 – Aaron asked me this question, when I was trying to decide what to do: Can you trade Evi from 3-9 for giving her everything she wants from 9 on? Not only was the answer an immediate, impulsive NO, but it also made me cry to think about it that way. So that’s a big part of it, and…

#2 – It’s not my passion. Would I be a good doctor? Yes. Would I enjoy it and find it fulfilling and satisfying? Yes. Would it be worth the hours away from my family, both in premed/med school and as an MD? No. Just no.

SO what does this mean? It means looking for a well paying, professional full-time job in a dismal, hyper-competitive job market. Awesome. I do have some friends in a few key areas who are trying to pull some strings for me, but until then I am spending my days at Starbucks/libraries working on applications and a few side projects that are bringing in trickles of money. It means I’ll end up with a more traditional job, hopefully at an organization I can feel proud of. It also means more time to write, to learn the guitar/piano again, to sing, to be with my daughter. It means eating dinner with her and tucking her into bed instead of killing myself with a chemistry book.

It’s scary. It’s stressful. I’m terrified of disappointing the people I love (which includes many of you). It also feels like the right decision. I hope it is.

Phew… so… there you go!


Long weekend

Hey there.

Venti Skinny Caramel Macchiato (Starbucks)

Venti Skinny Caramel Macchiato (Starbucks)

I did this yesterday. In fact, I’ve been spending a lot of time at Starbucks lately. When we didn’t have power, it was the only way I could get online, which means it was the only way I could keep searching for internships, applying for jobs, trolling Tumblr, and getting some work done.

The power’s back on at home now, but I am SO much more productive when I spend the day out of the house. Of course, I’m also a lot more prone to spending money and eating crap when I’m out… so there’s a good/bad balance there I suppose. I just hate packing food when I spend the day at Sbux or the library. I’d SO much rather buy food while I’m out, but the cost is ridiculous when you compare it to the cost of bringing food from home, and I ALWAYS make bad choices in terms of nutrition when I’m out. I don’t even want to talk about what I’ve been eating lately. I’m still trying.

Honestly, I’m just feeling out of sorts right now. There’s a lot going on, most of which I’m not ready to talk about on the blog (no one is ill or pregnant), so I’m just trying to sort through a lot of big decisions and transitions and issues. On top of all of that, we’re dealing with the ridiculous flooding from our broken freezer ice pump. We shopvac’d 6 gallons out of the carpet on Wednesday night, and another two last night, and the living room smells like dead things. We’re going to have to spend the weekend ripping up the carpet, drying out the subfloor, installing cheap hardwood… and we’re using the work as an excuse to finally get some painting done too. If my brother and/or Aaron’s dad comes down as planned, we’re also going to try and finally paint the bathroom, kitchen, and/or guest rooms.

Red Vines

Red Vines

This also happened yesterday, and it breaks my Starkid heart to tell you… Red Vines are sort of gross. Although… they get significantly better with each consecutive vine, so I guess they’re really good if you eat the whole bag? I did not, in fact, eat the whole bag. Just half. Ahem.

In better news, the chiropractor is really making a difference with my back pain. I am SO glad I made the decision to go. I don’t know what I’d be doing without his help. I’m going three times a week right now, which is a HUGE time commitment, but it’s so worth it. I’m going to run out of visits soon since my insurance covers only a certain number, but I’m hoping it will be enough.

Okay, can we talk about the Toddlerette for a minute? She’s sort of freaking me out with the smart. I love her daycare right now, but I really, really think she needs something more. We’re looking into a Montessori school nearby… anyone have experience with that?

Here’s what prompted the freak out. Today, she drew this:

THE drawing...

THE drawing...

For those of you not versed in kids’ tv, that’s Olivia:

Olivia the Pig


So yeah. She picked out the colors herself while watching Olivia on tv. Peach for her skin. Black for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Red for her dress, shoes, and ear bows.

That’s cool right? She’s 2. She turned 2 in May. So that’s pretty good drawing, right?

But that’s not all. Do you see the top? The letters. She wrote those entirely without my help. I did NOT touch her while she wrote them. I did NOT draw them for her. I showed her the letters on a separate piece of paper, and she copied them out patiently and with tons of concentration.

Here is the word I wrote:

PAPAAnd she copied it:

Evi wrote Papa

Evi wrote Papa

I mean, that’s not normal right?

WHAT DO I DO? How do I raise a kid who’s already smarter than me?


Hey, y’all

I'm alive, and not nearly as blonde as this picture makes me look.

I'm alive, and not nearly as blonde as this picture makes me look.

We’re fine. No earthquake damage. No serious hurricane damage. Some big trees down in the backyard, some fence sections that will need repairing, one tree that has fallen onto a bunch of other trees and needs to come down before it falls on the back of the house. Out of power since Saturday at 7pm, which means I’m living at Starbucks, Panera, and anywhere else I can get wifi. The library has been closed or I’d be there instead, since the library doesn’t encourage me to spend too much money on too expensive coffee.

We’re all fine though, and dealing with the lack of power pretty well. We’re eating out every meal, which isn’t awesome, but whatever. We do have a generator, but it turns out it needs a ton of work and extra parts and will essentially be not worth the time or money to fix it. Of course we may not feel that way if the power is going to be out until September 4, which is what the rumors are saying.

So… I’m super bored you guys. I’ve applied for ten thousand internships and even a few full time jobs since I’m not registered for classes this semester, and I’m not hearing anything back from anyone. So I have nothing to do and I’m feeling depressingly lazy. I’m spending a lot of time researching jobs, revamping resumes, and trying to make future plans… but I’m feeling really useless right now.

Power outage tip: cold showers suck, but if you run a bath and let it sit for a while, it’s a pretty bearable temperature.



DC Earthquake Devastation


QUAKE: So… we had an earthquake here this afternoon. It was weird and a little scary. I actually didn’t know what was going on at first. I thought I was getting super dizzy until I saw the lights on the ceiling swinging. It felt like someone was holding on to the back of my chair and shaking it as hard as they could. It was not a good feeling, but there was no real damage. Apparently I was supposed to go outside, but by the time I knew what was happening it was already over. It took a while longer for my adrenaline to chill out though. The phone lines went down right away, but text was still working so it wasn’t long before I confirmed that everyone was safe and Evi slept right through it at daycare. Whew! Not fun.

HEALTH: I didn’t take my second muscle relaxer yesterday. I was feeling more and more tired and dizzy and it was getting to the point where I felt like I was near blacking out every time I stood up. On top of that, I was still having considerable pain. I didn’t feel totally normal until this morning, but by 6pm or so last night I finally started feeling like I could move again. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with a chiropractor first thing. I’m looking forward to some real relief instead of someone throwing ever increasing amounts of medication at me. I have a lot of faith in modern medicine, but I am not happy with my doctor. I may be switching.

SCHOOL: I am so bored. I have nothing to do with myself right now. Even if I weren’t taking the fall semester off, I’d have this week off… but something about not knowing what happens next  is really messing with me. I’ve applied for a zillion internships and I’m not getting any responses… so I’m feeling a little lost. I have some writing I can do to bring in a little bit of money… but that can’t be all I do until January! I’m considering getting my EMT license soon, and I’ll keep applying for internships at least through the end of this month. In more awesome news, I got an A in Physics!

WRITING: Since I do have so much free time right now, I’ve been thinking about trying to start another novel or work on something unfinished in my writing folder. I miss writing, so I feel like now might be a very good time to get back to it.

OPERATION GIRLIFY: I’m slipping on this one. Between the haze of muscle relaxers and the uneasy feeling of being personally and professionally adrift, I’ve been doing nothing for my attempts to girlify. I have really high quality hair dye that my sister sent and I really need to use it, but I just… haven’t. I didn’t wash my face last night either even though I can tell the Yes to Carrots stuff is working. Since some people have asked about my routine, here’s what I’m doing. My mom & sister sent me the blueberry and tomato lines. The tomato is for acne and the blueberry is for aging skin. I know I’m not “aging” but I figure it’s better to be proactive. So… at night I wash my face with the face scrub and then use the moisturizer. Since I’m focusing on clearing up my skin right now, I use the tomato for two nights then the blueberry for one. In the morning, I wipe my face with one of the blueberry face wipes, then use the tomato acne spot treatment anywhere I have an obvious breakout. After less than a week I can see a difference. I took pictures of my skin before I started, so I have plans to post before/during pics sometime soon.

SECRETS: So… I have two embarrassing secrets to share. And no, this has nothing to do with my abiding love for Darren Criss. That might be embarrassing, but it’s not a secret. So here they are. #1 – I have downloaded two Kreayshawn songs. I am aware that certain music-minded friends may never speak to me again, but I can’t help it… I like Gucci, Gucci. Yes, I am warped. #2 – Speaking of music, sometimes I still have fantasies about making it big in music. You know, now that I’m old, totally out of practice, and no longer marketable. But that’s why guitar and piano are back on my someday wishlist. Because I miss writing songs.


Upside down…

I’ve been having a hard time feeling good about myself lately. Normally, this means holing up in my baggiest jeans and biggest tees, pulling my hair back, ditching the makeup, and trying to fade away. This week, I tried something new.

I’ve been wearing my hair down, doing my makeup, and it’s making a big difference. I feel pretty and girly and confident. Weird, right? 🙂

Red Flowers

7.21.11 Me in my red flower dress

Is my body perfect? Of course not, but I feel pretty and happy and it makes it so much easier not to care what other people think. And honestly, aside from keeping an eye on my skirt for modesty reasons, it’s just as comfortable as my jeans and significantly cooler in the insane heat we’re having.

In other news, I’m nearly positive that this fall will be my last semester at Georgetown. It’s just horribly expensive here, so I’ll be transferring to a school with significant lower tuition rates and (if I can find a car) a MUCH shorter commute. It’s still an honors college and although I might be sacrificing some prestige by leaving Georgetown, I’ll be saving my sanity, so I think it’s the right choice.

In Evi news, she’s smarter every second. Last night she informed us of the following:

Evi: I have a skeleton!
Me: You do! Can I see it?
Evi: No! It’s inside! (insert “duh, mommy” tone)
Me: How do you know?
Evi: (shows me her elbow) See? It’s hard. (pushes on it)
…Me: Wow! What does it do?
Evi: If you stand up and you don’t have a skeleton, you fall down.
Me: (stunned silence at genius child)

Crazy, right? She’s such a smarty-pants. In fact, she has declared exactly that (I’m a smarty-pants!) more than once this past week. She cracks me up.

I’m off to study for Friday’s physics exam! ♥


Another update…



Man, I am really sucking at this blog thing right now, huh? I’m really wishing I had a phone I could blog from, since I’ve got so much downtime with phone access most days.

So here’s what I’m up to right now.

HEALTH: I’ve gotten better control over my eating, and thanks to a relaxed summer schedule this time around, I’m finding time for the gym as well. Last week I lost five pounds and went to the gym three days. I would have gone all five except I had some weird soreness midweek and took two days off. My weekend eating is still a little rough, but as long as I’m headed in the right direction, I’m going to call it a victory.

SCHOOL: Speaking of an easier schedule… my general lack of mastery when it comes to last semester’s chemistry class meant dropping my plans to take chem 2 and instead signing up for a basic physics course. It’s a little too easy right now, but it’s good for a lot of reasons. First, it’s nice to have a break and something that makes me feel smart again. Second, it’s a GPA booster since I’ll get an A for sure. Third, it’s good practice for the Physics course I’ll be taking in the fall. I’m also seriously considering transferring to another school in the Spring. I hate the idea of saying goodbye to the connections and friends I’ve made at Georgetown, but the commute is awful and the price is ridiculous. There is a much less prestigious school (although one that is still on the US News top 100 list) that is 45 minutes from my house and about 1/10th the cost of Georgetown. So… I’m looking into what it would take to transfer there.

FAMILY: Aaron is working weekends right now because they’ve got a major project going and desperately need him to work. He’s making overtime pay, which will be wonderful when his paychecks show up, but in the meantime I feel bad that he’s having to work so much. It’s wearing him out, and I hate that we don’t see him as much. Yesterday he was at work until 3:30 and will probably do the same thing today, and next week as well. I keep telling myself I just have to work as hard as I can toward the day when I will make enough to support us all on my own (assuming we live just as we do now) and he’ll be able to relax a bit.

EVI: She could not be more awesome. She uses the stool to climb up onto the potty on her own now, and she sits on the potty three or four times a day. She’s getting really good about telling us when she is going to the bathroom, which is a step closer to telling us before she goes. She peed on the potty once last week and has pooped twice. She gets SO excited when she uses the potty too. It’s super cute. She also brought an amazing elephant drawing home from school. The eyes are easy to see, the scribble on top “says elephant, in letters” (duh, Mom), and the scribble underneath is his trunk (on the right) and “more letters” (on the left.) Our budding genius. 🙂 She’s fun, social, talkative, nearly always in a good mood. She still goes to bed and down for naps willingly most days, and she’s getting better and better at dressing herself. Her hair is getting longer, and she’s got pretty little curls in the back. I am so proud of her, so lucky to have her.

So, if anyone’s even still reading now that I post so little… how are YOU? Tell me what’s going on in your lives, especially if you don’t have a blog for me to stalk. 🙂