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Just Keep Moving

I’ve had some pretty fantastic walks lately.


The picture on the left was from a nighttime Color & Glow 5K I did a few weeks ago. I wasn’t super excited about the night race, and I do think they could have lit the path a lot better, but overall it was incredibly fun. I genuinely enjoyed the glow paint, even when I did get it in my mouth, and I got an incredible chance to talk to several women there about my love for all things ENELL. I even gave away one of my awesome ambassador slap bracelets. As an ambassador for ENELL, I’m super lucky because I get to talk about something I genuinely love, and they’re generous enough to pay for my race entry fees.

Overall the Color & Glow was incredible, but I might think again before doing another race at night. This one was over an hour from my house, so next time it’s closer or it’s a no-go.

Next up was the Oktoberfest 5K I did representing Jost Running. It was such an awesome experience. Not only did I earn a huge, beautiful medal, but I also got out there with my sister and her boyfriend, and even my mom’s dog! My husband and daughter joined us for the first three miles or so too. It was so much fun to have people to chat with the whole time and just get out and moving. And of course I used my incredible medal to open a cold beer (it’s a bottle opener too!) when we got home.

Jost has some great upcoming races, medals, and causes too, so check out their newest options:

Strength In Numbers: November is the month to give thanks, and this month we are choosing to use our miles to support of our service members, veterans, and their families and thank them for all that they have sacrificed in the name of our country. The “Strength in Numbers” benefactor is Courage Beyond at Centerstone – an organization that helps it’s members cope with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental and emotional struggles, after and during their service.

Let It Snow: We’re not afraid of winter, in fact, bring it on and LET IT SNOW!! This December, join us in racing for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and fighting blood cancers while pumping ours!

Finally, today was an eight mile training walk to prepare for my December HALF MARATHON walk! My dad took the kid fishing this morning, so my husband came out with me and we spent an awesome morning together. It was such a great way to spend time together. The weather was beautiful, the walk was awesome, and the chances to chat were perfect.

Physically, I struggled a little with this walk. I was feeling tired and dehydrated before we started, so I felt a little bad in the sun at the end of the distance. I was also having some pretty significant foot soreness in the foot I broke a few years ago, and I am a little bit worried about how to handle that for the half. My sister recommended the massage therapist at her spa, so I might try that out just to see if it helps.

Anybody else have issues with post-break pains?

Anyway, the thing is… I love walking. I love getting out in the fresh air and moving my body. I love the way it feels when I’m done, all sweaty and tired but not awful or ill. Walking and yoga and barre are SO my body’s ultimate choice of exercise!


Belly Up to the Barre

My first class at Pure Barre St Pete was pretty scary. I spent the time leading up to the class feeling horrified by the whole concept, and I was absolutely positive I was going to hate it.

I walked in to a trendy studio occupied by workout clothes I can’t afford, perfectly young and lovely staff, and pounding pop music. As I sat there in my R2D2 yoga pants with no idea what to expect, I became painfully aware that there was a sort of unspoken uniform. Black leggings, flowy tops and tanks in conservative colors (no neon, no prints unless they were branded), and everyone in the same grippy bottomed, sparkly mesh topped socks. I felt so conspicuous, ever more so given I outweighed every other class member by a good fifty pounds and probably had a good eighty on the instructor.

I clumsied my way through the class anyway and left feeling frustrated. The instructor didn’t give modifications for new students and I kept hearing “the higher your toes, the thinner your thighs” in a high-pitched perky voice echoing in my head. I didn’t want to go back. I sat down in my car and…felt completely awesome.

Seriously. The workout made me feel amazing. I was energized and super sweaty and felt great. It was so annoying. Even more annoying? I woke up the next morning and had no functional soreness. I was sore and could tell I’d worked, but I wasn’t dying and I didn’t spend that day or the next hobbling. I hate hobbling. In short, I felt exactly the way I wanted to feel. I even craved less crap.

Basically, I was going to have to go back. I had a ten class pass anyway, and I felt like it was wasteful not to use it. So back I went. It wasn’t until I was walking into my third class that I realized a lot of the issue was in my own head. I was so sold on the idea that barre wasn’t for girls like me, that is was a particular sort of environment full of “other” people. I was convinced I’d hate it, and I’d liked it in spite of myself. I decided it was time to switch up my mindset and really give the workouts a chance. The more classes I went to, purposefully trying to visit every instructor and lots of different class days/times, the more I settled in. I saw more and more people like me – new, not twenty, not tiny – and I realized how hard I was working. I pour sweat in that class and my average heart rate is in the 120s to 130s. There were tons of sections where I had to take breaks and some things I just couldn’t do at all.

By class seven or so, that was starting to change. I was seeing distinct differences in what I could do and how I was feeling. My body felt stronger. I wasn’t getting frustrated in class as often. By class ten, they’d changed up the moves and I was really enjoying the challenge. The focus on bodyweight strength and isometric holds and dance-inspired movement is sort of perfect for what I want for my body. The class structure keeps me motivated and also gets me out of the house.

In the end, I ended up with another month of classes thanks to the super supportive staff there. In the end I think most of them really want to see students keep coming back and getting stronger.

The benefits: After you get the hang of it (took five or so classes) the routines are easy enough to follow. I pour sweat without feeling nauseous or dizzy or horrible. The workouts aren’t based on jumping or running, so my temperamental legs are safe. I get some aches from the workout but am never so sore I can’t function. The ballet inspiration is genuinely fun for me. I actually like the horrible pounding pop music. The more I go, the more I find nice people – participants and instructors – who make me feel welcome. When I finish the workouts I feel like a SUPERHERO. It’s a tough, full body workout in less than an hour.

The drawbacks: The atmosphere is definitely intimidating at first, and the first few classes can feel frustrating since instructors don’t offer modifications or detailed instructions. The schedule is hard for me (any schedule would be) because the traveling husband means always needing childcare for the classes. If I had a more traditional situation I could go to the 6am class Tue-Fri and at least one weekend morning. Because I have kid worries, I can only make one weekday class without feeling guilty for missing time with her and/or asking someone else to watch her. Most weeks I can’t guarantee more than two classes a week. There is a dress code – no shorts, no midriffs exposed – that wasn’t an issue for me but could be tough for some. They also require grippy socks and no shoes in the studio. I’d suggest toeless ones since the regular sort I picked up in the studio leave me slipping when I try to hold a plank.

barreThe biggest issue though? Price for sure. The classes are super expensive compared to anything else I’ve seen and it’s super tough to manage. Honestly I don’t know if I’ll be continuing past this month despite my love of it because I just can’t afford it. Classes are upwards of $20 a piece, and an unlimited monthly pass (which requires more than two classes a week to really take advantage of) is nearly $200 a month. They have packages of ten or twenty or fifty classes that make it cheaper than purchasing them one at a time, but not by much. They have regular Groupons, but you’re not eligible for those after the first one. I honestly think they’re worth the cost, but that doesn’t count for much when you don’t have the money.

Conclusion: I took my eleventh Pure Barre class this weekend. I’m pretty sure I cried at the barre at one point, and there’s one move that continues to completely evade me (that one in the pic…no seriously, that’s the face I make). So frustrating. I feel incredible. I want to feel this way every day. Think you can’t do it? Think you’ll be the biggest one there? (I am)



Walking & Medals & Bras, Oh My!

Oh hai. I’m sad today. It’s just a sad-iversary, and I’ll be just fine. In the meantime, I wanted to talk a bit about how my half marathon walk training is going, mostly because I actually think it’s going pretty well. Here’s a screenshot from the Training Peaks site I’m using, and the training is the Hal Higdon program.

TrainingSo that’s where I’m at. I’ve moved around some workouts and changed the order of things, but I’ve done every workout so far. The two red ones are ones where I was off the mark significantly for distance or time. The first was when I did 5 miles instead of 3, and the second was last night’s terrible, no good, very bad, super horrible training walk. I wrote this on Facebook after the walk:

Went out for the first fast training walk on the schedule today. I couldn’t come ANYWHERE NEAR the time suggested (10min/mi). Already frustrated, I decided instead to aim for the significantly slower minimum pace for my December race (16min/mi). I managed that for about .75mi before my shin pain flared big time. No way I can maintain that pace for 13.1 miles. Can’t find a half in FL with no time limit. It’s my own fault for registering for a time limited race, I guess.

feeling defeated.

Fortunately, my incredible friends rallied. I got advice, support, love, understanding. I began to understand that walking a 10 minute mile was ridiculous, and that whatever I could do was enough. I looked back at my calendar and realized I’d stuck with three weeks of training, and even added in my own other exercise on top of that. It’s the most consistently I’ve moved my body in a while, and it felt awesome. So now I’m planning to keep up with the training, and thanks to my awesome local friend Jenny I’ve gotten into contact with the race director, who says they’ll be able to accommodate me starting WAY early to finish on time, or finishing late. Either way, they’ll see that I finish, and that’s what matters to me.

I’m loving the walks themselves, as long as I don’t push for a particular pace, because they’re a chance to clear my head. I can think straight and things make sense. Stress goes away. I get up from my desk, which happens woefully seldom otherwise. I get to watch the turtles in the lake. If the time and light are right, I take the dog and the kid and the husband when he’s around, and we make it a family affair. Having a schedule to walk with has been super helpful because it makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something versus sort of blindly trying to figure out what I ought to be doing…which was totally my plan when I first signed up for this race. Plus I’ll have the added benefit of earning my beautiful JOST medals along the way, which makes training that much more fun. The Octoberfest medals are AWESOME.

I’ve also been incredibly fortunate to have ENELL supporting me too (see what I did there?). I’ve worn an ENELL bra on every training walk, to every class, and even wore the pink HOPE bra all by itself on the kayak when the kid was cold. Hey, a mom sacrifices her tank top when needed… In short, I’m SO thankful to be involved with such an incredible company. The bras are incomparable – lovely and comfortable and hella supportive – and the company itself couldn’t be run by better people. I’ve never had this kind of open communication as an ambassador. I’m super proud to be one for ENELL. (Go buy a bra. I make no money from it, but your boobs will be happier, and that makes me happy.)

So what about those other workouts? A lot of yoga of course, but there seems to be a repeating pattern of something else on that calendar if you look. But how I got into, and then continued with, Barre classes (of all things) is another story for another time….



Right Now! (+Comic Con)

I’m feeling super contemplative today. I went to Tampa Comic Con yesterday (click for my pics – not many), my first ever nerdy con, and it was pretty amazing. Super intense and a little overwhelming too, but overall I enjoyed the experience. Man, I could go so broke if I went to cons more often. Instead of spending a ton of money and buying a ton of stuff, I was careful and came home with some fun prints for the kid and some decals for me. I definitely got excited about the possibility of dressing up for next year’s Comic Con, although I doubt I could handle more than one day there without my introvert tendencies getting the best of me.

It was also nice to get out there because it was easily the most walking I’ve done in quite a while. It was nice to get moving in a climate controlled environment.

In terms of food, I’m a mess. I’ve been snacking too much, overeating, and then skipping dinner because I feel gross. I’m still having too much sugar, too much caffeine. It’s 100% stress related, and honestly right now I only have the bandwidth to recognize it as happening, and no energy leftover to deal with it in any way. We’re having some major financial stress right now, so I’m eating to cope with a situation that I feel utterly out of control on. I recognize that it’s not a helpful choice to make, but right now I just… I can’t.

In line with the images I posted last time though, I came across two more that really held some meaning for me.

Lo and behold, they’re both talking about taking action, about being intentional, about what it takes to truly succeed. Again I feel like there’s something I’m supposed to be hearing here, something I’m meant to be doing…but I don’t know what. Honestly, it’s making me a little bit tired right now. I just having this increasing feeling that I’m constantly playing catch up. There’s never enough time, enough money, enough creativity, enough sleep. I worry constantly about just paying the bills, and am starting to think bigger things like taking Evi to Disney might never be feasible. I worry that she’s still having to be reminded not to put her fingers in her mouth nearly constantly and wonder if it’s because she’s not getting enough attention, enough time, the right kind of stimulation. I forgot to feed her breakfast this morning so she ate a muffin and hot cocoa from DD.

Man, I’m a total Eeyore today. It’s time to step away from the keyboard before this becomes wallowing. <3


The Process


It’s an ongoing, ever-changing way of living my life and it requires a lot of reminders. Some are big, like the reminders that I am not a project to be finished or a broken thing to be fixed; I am not incomplete. There’s my mantra, “my body is not a tool or an object; it is a messenger of love.” Those big thoughts and reminders help keep life in perspective… but there are a lot of little things too.

There are small indulgences like cake flavored Chapstick, eggnog in my coffee, morning yoga, and blue mascara. Some, like the yoga, are vital practices that keep me feeling whole. Others, like the mascara, just make me smile. Part of this new way of living is remembering that those little, inconsequential things DO matter and that there’s nothing selfish or wrong or silly about wanting or having them.

A lot of my time, maybe most of it, though is spent now on redirecting my thoughts. In the midst if y daily routine it’s not so tough to do now. I know what to expect out of most days and what I can do to honor my needs, to reduce stress, to feel taken care of. I take long walks at lunch, I read my favorite books, I stay up late to watch a tv show, I go to bed early and ignore the dishes for another day. I side step the candy jar on tired days and limit myself to one coffee but unlimited pumpkin spice tea.

(Side note: as I was typing “day” up there, I accidentally typed “fat” instead, and the phone corrected it to “day.” I thought about that replacement and came up with something cool… I have fat. Or… I have day. I have days. I have time and potential and every day a new moment to live and love and BE. Whoa. Thanks, autocorrect. That’s deep for a Tuesday morning.)

Well there’s a look into my thoughts. They derail like that a lot, and I’m begin into learn to let them. I discover a lot of cool stuff in my head when I let it run free.

So back to this life I’m living. Again, the everyday is getting easier. I’m falling into better patterns of thought, which in turn are becoming better patterns of behavior.

And then I went on vacation. Oh man. Vacation, bringer of rest and relaxation and log overdue mommy hugs. Changer of routines, demolisher of schedules, arbiter of home cooked meals and roadtrip snacks and pumpkin beer experiments. (And a single shot of Fireball which… no. Just no.)

I did my yoga faithfully. I drank with care and mindfulness, enjoying tasting new brews without ever suffering a hangover. And I ate with disastrous, literally gut-wrenching abandon. My stomach hurt for most of the trip. I had a red velvet milkshake even though I knew ice cream would decimate my GI tract. I had seconds when the first plate was already too much. I ate when I wasn’t hungry. It was a powerful lesson in habits and emotional eating.

So am I guilty? Oddly, thankfully, no. I am spending my time sussing out the reasons. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  • home has always been about food for me, and usually about decadent, heavy, fried food too.
  • being off my normal schedule makes me tired, which requires extra attention to avoid destructive food choices. Vacation makes that extra attention hard to manage.
  • my family is loud and busy and rambunctious, which is part and parcel of why I love them. It also, however, creates an initial dissonance as I try to fit back into their lively flow. My daily life now is quiet and calm, which I need it to be to feel my best, and so staying zen during vacation means intentionally seeking out quiet time, me time.
  • my mom looks awesome. I’m owning the terrible habit of comparison here. She’s been KILLING IT at bootcamp for months now and she’s lost almost all the weight she wanted to lose. I inherited her “fat” clothes (my words, not hers) because I’m three sizes and about sixty pounds larger than she is right now. And, despite how happy I am for her and how proud I am of her…despite being really content with my body and habits right now…despite being stronger and more flexible and more at peace every day…it got to me. I felt sad and “fat” and uncomfortable in my own body. I second guessed every outfit even when I wore clothes I loved. Frankly, it sucked.

So that’s what I’ve come up with so far. A cocktail of weird emotional and situational storm clouds that left me without a clear sense of direction. Oddly, as I sit on the train this morning, doggedly typing out this post on my phone (ahoy, typos!) I’m feeling kind of GOOD about the whole thing. I know why I made the choices I did, for the most part, and I know what I need to do to help keep it from happening again. It’s just another lesson in awareness, in always listening closely to my body and mind and heart. If I’d stopped to listen, I’d have heard the calls. Every once in a while I did. I never drank too much. I got a salad at a burger place because my body was requesting produce even in the face of a menu full of unique and delectable burgers. I did yoga almost every day.

So there it is. I’m learning. I’m making significant progress.

I’m kind of awesome.



hi. i’m not dead, i swear. although i feel a little like i am right now.

tons of changes going on, so i’ll try to catch everyone up.

struggle: i started feeling sick last monday. by thursday my throat was so sore i couldn’t swallow. the clinic says it’s just allergies, but even after four days of constant decongestants and nasal spray i’m still coughing horribly (and now productively… yay?) so i’m trying to decide at what point i need to go back in. i’m not sleeping well because i cough when i lay down, and then i wake up coughing at least once during the night.

smile: the illness has me super stuffy too, and between that and the coughing my appetite is severely diminished… which is good because it’s making it much easier for me to pay attention to what food actually makes me feel like and why i eat some of the things i do, so that’s been interesting.

struggle: aaron’s new job (he started this week) means he’s traveling a lot. that means i’m essentially on my own with the parenting, house running, life managing business for a good portion of every week.

smile: the travel means it’s just me and evi, which means I’m getting tons of awesome time with my incredible little girl. it also means we moved.

oh hey, we moved.

struggle: the new place is up three flights of stairs with no elevator, which made moving awful. we’re nowhere near unpacked, and it’s up to me and the kidlette to get that done.

smile: the new place is walkable to everything. we walk to school. i walk to the subway. we walk to the grocery store, the park, the vet, the dog park. i’m getting tons of steps in every day, to the point that yesterday’s 14,000+ steps seemed like a let down somehow since i’ve been averaging over 15,000 lately.

so we’re doing a lot of adjusting. we’re learning to live life by a new routine, and it’s sure to come with plenty of challenges. then again, it also means being a lot closer to a lot of our family, and evi getting to spend a lot more time with her uncle and her grandmother. i can’t be upset about that. i’m managing well so far, making weekly plans that include meal planning and daily activities so that i have a game plan for each week. i don’t care if we don’t stick to it, but it’s nice to have a plan.

now if i can just stop coughing sometime soon, i might just get through the week.

i’ve also been listening to christie & mara’s podcasts lately, and keeping notes about the things i think and feel while i’m listening. it’s making a big difference for me and i’ve come away with some pretty interesting insights into my own head and how i view self-care. i’m trying to put more effort into my own routine… not just health wise, but also in terms of beauty and hygiene. i want to take more time to do my hair, put on lotion, whatever little things i usually let slide, because they help me feel more taken care of. i need that right now.

evi is doing great with the move. she loves her room, her school, and being able to walk everywhere. other than a few bumps as she adjusts to a new routine, she’s a much happier kid… which i didn’t think was possible. she’s getting more sleep, and so am i, and we’re almost never fighting in the mornings anymore, which was a regular occurrence for a while.

oh! we also have a trader joe’s, an aldi, and a whole foods, and we’ll be getting a wegmans sometime really soon. we had none of those things at the old house, so i’m pretty thrilled.


FitBloggin… Finally

Wanna help me get to FitBloggin next year too? Go read my guest post on MizFit’s blog about the importance of play, then go check out my work website!!!

I had a really hard time processing everything about my experience at FitBloggin this year. Somehow it was both more awesome and more complex than ever before. Here’s the stream of consciousness I typed out on my phone a day or two after I got home:

Maybe tracking and intuitive self care are not mutually exclusive. Instead, maybe tracking is a guiding tool to help me gauge when I am being more self aware and when something is going awry.

Maybe I’m focusing too much on the actions or methods and not enough on the mindset. If my head’s in the right place tracking will just be another tool instead of a positive or negative.

But the supplements… are not lasting or sustainable for me. In the end, I need to take some advice from Karen and look at the facts instead if what I’m making them mean.

And then today, when I finally dug through the thoughts a little bit, I found a lot more:

Me & Sam

In the moment I was (blissfully, obnoxiously) happy. It wasn’t until I came home and let the analysis begin that I started to struggle with negative fallout. So it wasn’t the experience that was negative, it was how I internalized it when I got some distance from that incredible group of similar souls.

In the midst of FitBloggin I was caught up in the whirlwind beauty of it all, the incredible energy and boundless love. I was inspired and engaged. I was free of food guilt, and moving my body in soul-blossoming ways.

I switched up my social patterns this year, intentionally seeking out new connections and varied companionship, and it paid of enormously. I met incredible new friends like Bonnieand Jen, and I got the chance to make better friends with Steve, Dre, Cynthia, and Deb. Best of all, I spent amazing time with Gail, Susan, and Karen. I buddied up with Thea and Matt for the trampoline workout and it was EPIC.

Me & Christine

I made some soul-deep connections with Christine and Sam. Those two friendships are life changing already and I can’t be more thankful.

So what the hell happened when I got home? It started on my way home actually. Travel had me exhausted and I missed my family, and somewhere in the whole process I lost track of my commitment to loving myself all the time. It’s a constant process, highlighted by an experiment I shared with Sam when I discovered I couldn’t quite manage to say I loved myself during the EFT session. Essentially, I got trapped in the darker parts of my own head.

So… that’s where I’m at right now. I want to take the time to flesh out a lot of this later, but I’m SLAMMED at work thanks to the conference and the holiday and the crud I’m just getting over. There will be more, I swear… I also have a GIVEAWAY planned for whenever I can catch my breath. Hopefully by the end of the week.


Dancing with Sam



A Whole New Week

Maddie the Coonhound - maddieonthings.comHey, did you know it’s JUNE? Cause whoa… it’s June. I’m trying to sort through all sorts of things about that, including what to call this month. Mindful March and Metamorphosis May set me up for wanting month names. I’ll have to think about that one, and I’m open for suggestions.

I’m also super scattered right now, so we get a bullet list.

  • Emmie sent this newsletter out today, and it was awesome. I’m definitely dealing with trying to redefine myself, both online and off, right now. I’m not actively losing weight right now either, although I’d like to. My focus is shifting to happiness and overall health, versus a number on a scale. It’s a nice, long overdue change, but it makes blogging feel… weird. I think I just need to settle into a new spot with blogging.
  • Katie (Fat Girl PhD) posted about the problem with scales. After that leading to a weird binge reading of everything she’s ever written and then stalking all of her social media accounts, I sat with it a bit. And, as should be no surprise by now, she’s so right. The scale is full of crap. Right now I feel better than ever, and I nearly derailed that feeling by stepping on the scale to see a gain. Well yeah. I’m eating food. I’m lifting more. I’m happy. Screw the scale.
  • Enter Heather Waxman with The Spiritual Diet. Wait, no. Start with The Healing Detox. I really did follow the post advice. I honest-to-god set myself a calendar appointment so that every day my phone reminds me that “My body is not a tool or object, it is a messenger of love.” I try to remember to make choice with LOVE in mind, and so far it’s making me very happy.
  • And then Jes. Jes, who taught me to love my body RIGHT NOW. Who promptly inspired my craziest Instagram post ever.

So how am I doing? I’m doing Pilates or yoga or strength training (plus at least a mile of walking for #walkwithmel) every day. I feel awesome. The physical activities I’m choosing make me sweaty. They make my body happy. They also fill my heart and soul. That’s BIG. Thanks to my incredible Pilates instructor, I spend every Sunday morning feeling amazing (if in some serious (good) pain) and getting gentle, much needed reminders that I AM ALLOWED TO TAKE UP SPACE. In fact, I need to.

I’ve joined up with Cassie’s #SuperSummer Challenge, which is helping me stay focused on ME. I spend a lot of time hashing out my issues and celebratory moments with my virtual bestie. Things are good. This is shaping up to be an awesome summer.

Joyful June? Joyous… jubilant… just… jump… juice… okay, now that’s just getting silly.


Memorial Monday

Happy Memorial Day. I hope everyone is taking some time to be grateful for the meaning of the day, to enjoy time with family and friends, and cherish a relaxing weekend of hard-won freedom.

Today’s a great day for me. I’m home relaxing with the Kidlet, and thinking through what I want my summer to look like.

Summer Walk Challenge ButtonI joined Mel’s summer walk challenge. I saw the Runners World run challenge going around, and I’m definitely off running at least in the short term (and likely in the forever term), but I love being a part of a challenge. A mile isn’t far, and I’m not trying to do it all at once every day, since I know work will sometimes get in the way. Instead I just want to be committed to getting out there every day for intentional movement, even if I have to split it into two or three short walks to get the mile in.

Starting June 1st, I’ve also signed up for the 30 Day Yoga Challenge with DoYouYoga/YogaTrail, and the Back To Her Roots Summer Challenge, which results in an as-yet-undetermined prize! I’m also still sticking to my monthly goals, which shift a little each month based on where I’m at. One big one for the summer is MORE FRESH FOOD!

It may sound like a lot to take on (or it may not, I suppose) but I’m ready for it. This weekend was a perfect example of really staying in the moment, really living my life. Evi and I spent Saturday morning hanging out since Aaron had to work, and a good friend came to visit with her son in the afternoon. We blew bubbles, ran around in the yard, played freeze tag, and laughed a lot. We went out to a nice dinner, and the kids had so much fun.

Sunday was… maybe the best day ever. I woke up tired (Evi’s been having nightmares) and Aaron made me a cup of coffee. I finished it before heading out to my first ever Pilates one-on-one session. It was incredible. It was challenging too. Diane is amazing, and she helped me reaffirm my right to take up space. It was pretty powerful. I also learned that some lumps on my thighs that I’ve long blamed on my weight and cellulite are tissue knots I can break up with a masage bar. So I’ll be getting one of those. I cried for the five minute drive home because I just felt so open and released and like all the pain is both manageable and definitely short term.

I followed up that epiphany with a three hour hike with the family. It was asking a little too much of my legs, but I stopped to stretch a lot, stretched for over an hour when we got home, and felt great.

Then we finished our family day with ice cream from my favorite place.

Essentially, it was perfect. Today we’re hanging out at home in the morning while Aaron works, and then we’ll head out this afternoon to enjoy the sunshine again. It’s shaping up to be a great week, and with FitBloggin coming up, a Joyful June for sure.


Uberlist 2013

New Years BokehFirst, a review of my 2012 list.

  1. Two REAL, childless dates with my husband – done! We took a day off and went to the movies, and then spent an unexpectedly good day together on my colonoscopy day.
  2. 300 miles logged – According to DailyMile, I logged 505 miles this year!
  3. 4+ days of exercise every week (allowing a few weird weeks) – I am sure I could look back and figure this out exactly, but I feel good about the frequency of my workouts overall.
  4. Increase fruits & veggies – Definitely did this one, thanks to some great cooking!
  5. Decrease sugar intake – I was successful with this sometimes, but overall didn’t back away from the sugar enough, which is why I’ll be giving up desserts entirely in January.
  6. Read five of the 100+ books I have sitting in my study – Yeah… not so much.
  7. Improve my career by either finding a traditional full-time job or improving my freelance situation – Did that for sure!
  8. Run/walk at least two charity events – I did the Warrior Dash for St Judes, but never got a second event in.
  9. Pay off one credit card or other debt source – Nope.
  10. Take more pictures – I walked a fine balance here between living more and still documenting. I’m happy with this one.
  11. Spend some time studying my Italian – I think I studied maybe twice through the whole year…
  12. WARRIOR DASH – just finish it! – I did so much more than finish! I conquered.
  13. Spend more than 12 hours in NYC – Not even close. I’ll be spending about 6 hours in Philly this January though…
  14. Make at least five recipes from my Pinterest vault – Oh yes! Our favorites:

2013 Please Be AwesomeFor 2013, I’ll be focusing on monthly goals instead of setting a whole year’s worth of goals right now.


I’ll also be hoping to get in a date day with Aaron at least every other month, see my family at least twice, and take Evi on an adventure to do something cool and out of the ordinary. I’ll be participating in this year’s Warrior Dash again too!