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New Place, New Place

Image result for new apartment memeIn case you couldn’t care less about my social media channels, you might not know that we just moved away from my favorite city (St Pete!) and down the road to another city, closer to the Kid’s new school. I miss St Pete already, but our new place is super nice. The apartment complex has a pool and a nice gym, and I have a garage to charge Ruby (my Volt).

We’re still trying to unpack, and doing the weird unpacking puzzle where you have to figure out where to put those things that had “a place” before but you don’t have “that shelf” anymore. And getting the – normally conscientious – kid to unpack is like pulling teeth. Teeth that have been soldered into place with the world’s strongest metal.

But…we’ve been there less than a week, so we’ve got time to settle in, and the old place is completely clean and totally empty. So we’re in a good spot, honestly.

Which means it’s time for me to start figuring out my workout schedule. The new gym is really nice, which means I can get my sweat on without paying for bootcamp or spin class or a gym membership, but that also means no one else to keep me accountable to actually DOING something. I tend to over-engineer these sorts of things, so I’m trying to decide if I want to just wing this, or if this is a case where I should set up a full workout schedule with daily plans and a list I can refer to, check off, and post on Instagram.

In any case, I need to make something happen. Maybe it’s time to get back into my Nerd Fitness routine? I do a ton of virtual races too, so I’ll make sure they’re part of my motivation.


FitBloggin Recap – Part 2

Another FitBloggin is over…and I’m struggling with that. In fact, I’ve been struggling to sit down and find the words for this post since the day I came home. For the first few days, I had the typical post-conference melancholy…I missed my friends and felt bad about the time away from family, and tried to shove my way back into my normal life even though I was full of new thoughts and feelings and notions about the world.

See, that’s the thing. I come back every year full of…love, support, inspiration, hope, joy, confidence, belief. The list goes on and on. This year, I’m trying not to let it all fall away, dissipating into the ether of my day-to-day routines like it does most years.

So I’m documenting what I learned, who I was most moved by, and how I’m planning to take that forward. FitBloggin is FULL of love and support, and I can’t let it go to waste.

I don’t give myself enough credit. I need to own the things I’m doing well and consistently, because otherwise I feel like a failure when I’m not, and that feeling does NO good, ever. So what do I do well?

I move with love. I find ways to move my body that light me up, inside and out, and keep me consistently moving. It might not be the toughest or the sweatiest, but it’s consistent and brings me joy.

I am lovely. No really. It’s something I’m only just settling into, this idea that I can be beautiful right now, just as I am. I walked in a fashion show (THANKS SOYBU!!!) and people cheered and smiled, and I know I don’t look like a runway model, but I felt beautiful all the same…and that’s when it occurred to me. Beauty isn’t a thing I have to get, a place I have to arrive at. It’s there, all the time, and I just have to relax into it.

I #wycwyc like a pro. No seriously. Some days it’s a thing or two, other times it’s a LONG list of ways I got up, moved more, ate mindfully, drank enough water, and got extra sleep. All of those days are worth celebrating.

— Next up, the PEOPLE who made this Fitbloggin amazing. —


FitBloggin15 Recap – Part 1

Another year gone, and now I’m settled back and home and trying to make sense of everything I did, everything I felt, and everyone I hugged. For now, a more functional recap will have to suffice.


What I Did

I ate wonderful food. I drank great local beers. I saw beautiful street art.

I did hours of yoga, walked 10 miles, did Zumba, did strength training.

I sat in sessions where I cried with pain or hope or joy. I felt proud and scared and inspired.

I hugged people who are painfully precious to me, even when I only see them once a year. I hugged people I didn’t know yet, people who I was only just beginning to make connections with, and who I’ll stay connected to as the year goes on.

I laughed so hard I cried, so hard my abs hurt. I cried so hard I hiccupped.

I WALKED IN A FASHION SHOW, as my tribe clapped and cheered. The generous sponsorship from Soybu meant I got to wear (and keep!) gorgeous, CRAZY comfortable clothes.

I had my butt slapped more than once, by several different people.

I had my picture taken in nothing but capris and my favorite ENELL bra, standing arm-in-arm with several other ambassadors, proud to represent the brand and our own spirits.

I wandered off-site for a yoga class and a sound healing session, both of which left me rejuvenated.

I went to bed early, stayed up late, got up early, and ate a lot of bacon.

I sang along to other people’s lip sync performances until I nearly lost my voice.

I danced so much that I was sore the next day.

What I Learned

I’m stronger than I give myself credit for.

By just being me and seeking my own joy, I’m helping other people to do the same.

I should spend more time on my blog, for my own sake and for the support and love of this awesome community.

I definitely deal with some very real anxiety issues, and need to be better aware of them so that I can ask for help.

The friendships I have forged (and continue to make) as I attend these conferences are life-changing, and stay with me even when I see these people only once a year.

Denver beer is amazing. Really amazing.

Yoga lights up my soul. It’s not a new lesson, but apparently one that needed reaffirming.


The thing about FitBloggin? Somehow, every year, it meets me exactly where I need to be met. I talk to the people I need most, do the things that most need doing, learn the lessons that most need to be learned.

So if you’re on the same journey, looking for the ways and paths and people that can support your growth? Join us. You won’t regret it.


My Secret

Hi fitbloggers –
This is me.

I can do this:

and this:

and this:

I made this!

I’ve been to FitBloggin every year but one, and I’ve loved every single one. I’m already planning what to pack and who to hug this year, because I know I’ll be surrounded by unconditional, judgement-free love and support.

I’m terrified.

Because this is also me:

It’s not something I’m supposed to know because it tends to drive me to unhealthy places, but after months and months off the scale, I got curious. And it’s….the biggest number I’ve ever seen.

I don’t think I’m okay.

And it’s not about the weight entirely. It’s also about always, always feeling anxious these days. I don’t sleep enough.

I was meditating this morning, which I’m also being uncharacteristically inconsistent about, and I was prompted to think of my biggest current stressor. And the thing is, its still not my weight. Its job pressure or mom guilt, or a number of other passing stress issues.

So then I was prompted to imagine myself doing something where I felt free from stress, and it’s on my yoga mat. When I’m there, I don’t feel it or think about it or care. Which led to a torrential cry.

The thing is, I’m scared. I’m scared of how I’ll be perceived, or that I’ll spend the weekend feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

And then? I think about this, and I know everything is going to be just fine:

And if you’re looking for a hug? I’m your girl. I’ll likely be fangirling over some of you, and also bacon.



CGN8ZtzWgAA8ZUHI’m generally up for new fitness classes, so when I saw that a new Megaformer studio was opening up and offering free classes for the first week, I signed up right away.

“Put simply, the 10-foot-long, 250-pound Megaformer is a Pilates machine on steroids. You’re rarely ever working just one muscle group—for example, you may do biceps curls with resistance straps while doing a lunge. “It allows you to target muscles from so many different angles, which you can’t really do on just one machine,” says Sebastien Lagree, a 39-year-old French former bodybuilder who invented the Megaformer with the aim of turning the classic Pilates reformer, which he calls “the old horse and carriage,” into a Lamborghini (he’s currently working on an upgrade, the Supraformer, due out later this year).” (source)

I got up at 5am to take a 6am class on a Wednesday morning and…

It was awesome. The machine definitely takes some getting used to, and the instructor didn’t always give the clearest of instructions, but overall I followed along pretty well. I had to take a few breaks here and there, but I felt like I was keeping up well enough.

By the next day, I was SUPER SORE, but in a way I didn’t mind too much. Since the classes were still free, I ended up signing up for another one on Friday morning at the same studio, but with a different instructor. He was a little less clear on the instructions, but I was already more familiar with the machine so I did pretty well. I was pretty pleased that while a few of the basic moves were the same, there were a lot of different ones since it gave me the chance to work new muscles.

“The Megaformer workout is designed to develop core strength and muscular endurance, which means you will burn calories and work your muscles to fatigue with high repetitions,” says Michele Olson, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist and Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, cautioning that a decent level of baseline fitness is necessary for anyone thinking about tackling it. “Its pace and challenge are not for Pilates neophytes,” she says. “It attracts people who prefer the amped-up pace and high-energy atmosphere.”

The second class didn’t make me nearly as sore, which meant I was up for one last class on Sunday morning with my buddy Dacia. This one was at a different studio, and while the studio itself was more established, I found the instructor MUCH harder to follow. Still, the workout was great and I got my sweat on for sure. A lot of muscles that don’t often get work got a great workout.

Honestly, I’d love to do the classes regularly, but between the schedule and the cost (about $30 per class to drop in, or $150+ per month) it’s definitely the wrong fit for me. Still, try it out! It’s worth the experience.


FitBloggin+: Recap & Aftermath

I’m home. I’m reasonably settled in too, which is nice. And what’s more? I have SO MUCH to write about. I want to share where I’m at with my Nerd Fitness journey. I want to talk about my experience at FitBloggin this year. I want to write in particular about the Tough Love session and do the “homework” of writing a letter to myself to call me out a bit.

I don’t know if that’s too much for one post…so I’ll just start going and see where I end up.

Nerd Fitness: I’m doing damned well with this. I haven’t gone perfectly as planned, but the whole point this time around is to remember that life is that way. I’m extremely unlikely to ever be able to follow a plan perfectly to the letter. My first week consisted of veggies for lunch OR dinner every day, and veggies for lunch AND dinner four out of seven days. I did the NF workout on Monday, met with my mom’s trainer for a lifting workout on Wednesday to establish my baseline, and then did some easy strength on Friday. I also did Zumba, yoga, and a 5K. I feel really good about the work I did.

This week’s goal is to do three strength workouts, stick with the veggies, and add in another nutrition goal. Originally that was going to be no grains at breakfast, since the nutrition guidelines for NF are headed toward paleo, but after a long conversation I’ll get to more of later, I’ve decided instead that I’ll aim for less sugar. I’ve already started by putting just plain half&half in my coffee, which works alright except that my body is not a dairy fan…so I tried a tablespoon of coconut oil. You do have to BLEND it in. If you stir it, it’s oily and gross. I used my mom’s immersion blender (getting this one soon – that’s an affiliate link) and friends? It’s SO AWESOME. I used coconut oil and coconut coffee and it was great. Smooth, sweet, no need for anything else. I’m also going to be tracking my sugar, aiming for less than 72g a day, which is the seemingly arbitrary number MyFitnessPal sets when you log in.

I was EXHAUSTED yesterday, so I didn’t manage a workout at all, but I hopped over to the gym this afternoon at work and did the first bodyweight workout for NF. Tough, but I liked it. I’ll be sore for sure.

FitBloggin’14: The first day of FitBloggin this year was a little hard for me. With everything going on, having just moved, so much change…I was feeling unsettled and homesick. It’s such an unfamiliar feeling for me when I’m at FitBloggin that I worried something fundamental had changed and I wouldn’t have the same experience this year.

Turns out I just needed to settle in a little bit. I had awesome roommates: Dacia, Andrea, & Angela. Not long after I arrived, I got to finally hug Alan & Christine. Then I saw Karen and Deb and Sam & Matt. The hugs never stopped, and I started to feel more and more at home. FitBloggin really is a chance for me to come home to my people again every year. I missed Jen, Meredith, Carla, and Susan like WHOA, but the chances to connect and reconnect abounded.

So what do we DO at this conference? I think it depends on your focus. This year, I spent more time with friends and a little less in sessions, and I don’t regret it at all. Let’s see. We went on a ghost tour of Savannah. Our guide was totally insane and by the end we were pretty bored, but it was fun to see the city at night.

I skipped Friday morning bootcamp in favor of sleeping, then had a great breakfast. I made it halfway through a workout session before an oncoming migraine got the best of me. Lots of water and a little medicine later and I was bouncing back alright. I missed out on CrossFit to head to a session led by Christine, which was full of some really great thoughts on maintaining weight loss motivation, and then we got a little lunch time visit from Mickey Mouse! runDisney was there to talk about their races, but I couldn’t help focusing on the strength competition at the Wide World of Sports. I can’t get the Disney Fit Challenge out of my head, so it might need some more researching. I spent some time Friday afternoon wandering and relaxing, and had my traditional yearly dinner with Gail. We wrapped up Friday night with a drag show (so awesome) and a lot of dancing. I think I got to bed at 1am.

Saturday I got up for the BEST YOGA EVER with Kia, who I adore. It was well worth getting out of bed even if I was a little hungover. Just a little. After breakfast, I went to Steve & Sue’s session on Tough Love. That one was a tough one for me, and it took me the rest of the weekend to decide whether it was because I disagreed with the idea of calling people out, or because it was exactly what I needed to hear. I decided on the latter, mostly after a long conversation with Terry. I’ll get to more on that in the next section.

I did ZUMBA!!! with Sue & Sam, also known as the only time all year I do any Zumba-ing. I love their class because I sweat, I dance, I laugh. I feel sexy and powerful and amazing, even though dancing usually makes me feel pretty uncoordinated. I had lunch at Moon River with some of my favorite people, including a lovely local beer, and got to say goodbye to Sue, who was already headed out. Le sad.

Saturday night I had an incredible dinner at Alligator Soul. The atmosphere was fancy and fun, and the food was amazing. I had a moonshine flight, mind-blowing shrimp & grits, and was briefly married to Steve. We headed back in time for some truly amazing Ignite presentations. My favorite, and not just because I got a shout out, was Dre & Martinus rapping. I also got the chance to reenact a presentation in the hopes of winning a gift certificate. I HATE speaking in public, but getting the chance for some great yoga gear from be present was too much to pass up, so I bit the bullet and got up there.
I’m SO glad I did. I was so nervous, and so amped. I felt silly and weird, but I also loved it. The energy was amazing, and I had such a good time. I always say I’m going to try to do more with public speaking, so there is FitBloggin yet again helping me achieve a goal. There is nowhere more supportive or fun to be taking those risks.

Awesome new bracelet with green beads, and BRAVE ring from bama + ry

After the Ignite reception wrapped up and I managed to get my hands on some SWEET jewelry there was more fun in store. Side note: I love Jasmine from bama + ry SO FREAKING MUCH. For starters, she’s one of two people who understands my blog reference without me explaining it. Secondly, she makes amazing jewelry that’s breathtakingly beautiful and still affordable. I do need to save up for the Maya Collection though, because it’s incredible and I want every piece. More than that though, Jasmine is just…amazing. She’s got the sweetest smile, this incredible understanding of grief and loss, and she’s just…I don’t have the words. I feel like I’d hang out with her all the time if we lived close. I just realized I never got a pic with her and now I’m mad.

And then…I played Cards Against Humanity. First time ever, and fortunately I was with some awesome people who just laughed at my discomfort. J It was completely hilarious, so much fun, and gave me a chance to get to know some great people even better than before. I went to bed at 2am.

Sunday came too fast, as always, but I got up with Christine and headed out for the 5K. I can’t run it, so I walked with Steve instead and it was a great chance to catch up with him. I really enjoyed our chatting, and got a bonus phone booth photo. I had breakfast, got to have some wrap up conversations with a few awesome people, and made the six hour drive home.

And like that, it was all over… except it wasn’t. So many things still brewing. Emails to HR, food revamp plans…all for another post it seems, as this is long as crap now.

Next year FitBloggin is in Denver, and I WILL BE THERE. With bells on, perhaps. Or maybe not. But there. I will be there! I might even be brewing up a tattoo idea so that I can get one there like Dubyawife did this year.


How Three Vegan Meals (and One Restaurant Lunch) May Have Reset My Eating Habits

My new job (which rocks, so far) is stocked to the gills with great food related benefits. Free, super tasty Green Mountain K-cups mean I’m getting to try all sorts of fun flavors. It also means I have to limit myself to 24oz of coffee a day…which is probably still too much. Fortunately some of the novelty has worn off, so I’m down to two 8oz cups most days.

We’ve also got lots of other great snacks, including tons of crackers and corn nuts and candy. There’s granola, almonds, cereal, oatmeal, jerky…so much stuff. The biggest plus (that turns out to be a massive minus)? The oatmeal creme pies. Dude. Such an issue. I think I ate four in one day at one point in my first week. Certainly nerves are playing a role there, along with some stress around finding a new place to live so we don’t have to impose on my parents forever. There’s also definitely some emotional adjustment for me in learning to live with my mom, who has developed a plan for herself that works really well and has her feeling awesome…which involves careful calorie counting and tracking. It’s been a tough transition for me, since that mentality means a lot of calorie/weight talk I’m just not used to.

I’m learning. But in the meantime? Massive over-caffeination and serious empty calorie intake via incredible oatmeal creme pie (OCP) consumption.

Another bonus? We get free lunch. (I know, right?!) Essentially, we get eight dollars a day to use toward on-campus lunch options. The first week meant visiting the deli/cafe downstairs and intaking grilled cheese, egg salad, and a pretty decent chicken wrap. When the chance came to sign up for the veggie friendly option and get vegan lunches delivered every day instead, I figured I’d give it a try. I get to pick a whole week of meals on Sundays and they show up around 1pm.

Here’s my first week’s picks:
Monday meal 2 – 2. Quinoa Fuchsia BowL: Hi-Protein Quinoa “dyed” with Cold-Pressed Beet Juice (mild flavor … bold color) Tossed with Hawaiian Purple Yam, Sweet Potato, Parsnip, Assorted Raw Veggies and Herbs…Served on a bed of Greens with a RAWesome Creamy Dill Dressing on the side
Tuesday meal 4 – 4. Southern Comfort Plate : BBQ Hi-Protein Tempeh … Sautéed Greens … Garlic – “Butter” Mashed Potato
Wednesday meal 1 – 1. Slaw’ppy Jeaux…Our Famous Chili-non-Carne in the Raw…Fresh Slaw (Beet, Cabbage, Carrot and Sliced Gherkin Pickles tossed in a Creamy Dressing) & Baby Greens …Load up your Coconut-Zucchini Wrappers with these delicious ingredients and Be Merry! Served with a side of Vanilla Bean-Chia Seed Pudding (Hi-Protein & rich in Essential Fatty Acids!) *GF
Thursday meal 2 – 2. Marrakesh Lettuce Wrap…Our Famous Rosemary-Garlic Raw Hummus, Shredded Purple Cabbage, Carrot & Ma’raw’nated Cucumber…Wrap these Savory Ingredients up in your crisp Romaine Lettuce Leaves & Enjoy! Served with a side of Fresh Fruit Medley *GF
Friday meal 2 – 2. Raw Platter…Mac N’ Cheezy Kelp Noodles…Trinidadian Style “Cucumber Chow” (Fresh Local Cucumbers ma’raw’nated in a mildly spicy Apple-Cider Vinaigrette) … Nicky-Nicky’s Mini Raw Pineapple Upside-Down Cake *GF
Monday’s lunch was pretty good. Tuesday was GREAT once I added a little real butter to the potatoes. Wednesday was decent, and the chia pudding was great. I was feeling full, getting TONS of veggies in, and feeling pretty proud of myself. I was definitely still snacking a fair bit, particularly when lunch comes so late, but making it work.

Today we had a team lunch to welcome me (so nice!) and we went to a local restaurant, where I got a burger and fries. I spent the rest of the day feeling awful…slow and run down with an upset stomach, and I ended the afternoon with corn nuts and another damned OCP. I swear they’re made of crack. Now I’m riding home from work and I feel pretty awful. My head hurts. I’m overly tired. I don’t want dinner. My stomach is cranky.

And then it hit me. Dude. When I had my vegan lunches, I just felt better. I had more energy, felt happier, and made it through the afternoon with more focus. I’m NOT going vegan, but these meals are clean and fresh, often local, and drastically increasing my daily produce intake. They’re forcing me to (re)learn the lesson that produce intake is what my body thrives on. Yes, carbs too. Yes, even some sweet things. It’s about balance, and on days that start with protein and are made up by volume of more than half produce, I just feel/do/think better.

So I’ll be sticking with the vegan lunches for now, and being a lot more careful about eating when we’re offsite. I can also thank my mom for the healthy dinners she’s making, which are helping a lot too. By next week I’m hoping to have a handle on the OCP issue. Maybe one a week?
In movement news, I appear to have FINALLY kicked my bronchitis, so I’ve been doing laps around the lake at lunch. Two on Tuesday, three yesterday. I missed today because of the lunch, so four tomorrow. I’m also doing this abs challenge with my mom, sister, and brother, and I have plans for family yoga tonight with the awesome new My Yoga Pro videos now that the site is up and running. The afternoon walks are great for clearing my head, and after a week of super sickness I NEED the stretch (and mind calming) of yoga.


FitBloggin… Finally

Wanna help me get to FitBloggin next year too? Go read my guest post on MizFit’s blog about the importance of play, then go check out my work website!!!

I had a really hard time processing everything about my experience at FitBloggin this year. Somehow it was both more awesome and more complex than ever before. Here’s the stream of consciousness I typed out on my phone a day or two after I got home:

Maybe tracking and intuitive self care are not mutually exclusive. Instead, maybe tracking is a guiding tool to help me gauge when I am being more self aware and when something is going awry.

Maybe I’m focusing too much on the actions or methods and not enough on the mindset. If my head’s in the right place tracking will just be another tool instead of a positive or negative.

But the supplements… are not lasting or sustainable for me. In the end, I need to take some advice from Karen and look at the facts instead if what I’m making them mean.

And then today, when I finally dug through the thoughts a little bit, I found a lot more:

Me & Sam

In the moment I was (blissfully, obnoxiously) happy. It wasn’t until I came home and let the analysis begin that I started to struggle with negative fallout. So it wasn’t the experience that was negative, it was how I internalized it when I got some distance from that incredible group of similar souls.

In the midst of FitBloggin I was caught up in the whirlwind beauty of it all, the incredible energy and boundless love. I was inspired and engaged. I was free of food guilt, and moving my body in soul-blossoming ways.

I switched up my social patterns this year, intentionally seeking out new connections and varied companionship, and it paid of enormously. I met incredible new friends like Bonnieand Jen, and I got the chance to make better friends with Steve, Dre, Cynthia, and Deb. Best of all, I spent amazing time with Gail, Susan, and Karen. I buddied up with Thea and Matt for the trampoline workout and it was EPIC.

Me & Christine

I made some soul-deep connections with Christine and Sam. Those two friendships are life changing already and I can’t be more thankful.

So what the hell happened when I got home? It started on my way home actually. Travel had me exhausted and I missed my family, and somewhere in the whole process I lost track of my commitment to loving myself all the time. It’s a constant process, highlighted by an experiment I shared with Sam when I discovered I couldn’t quite manage to say I loved myself during the EFT session. Essentially, I got trapped in the darker parts of my own head.

So… that’s where I’m at right now. I want to take the time to flesh out a lot of this later, but I’m SLAMMED at work thanks to the conference and the holiday and the crud I’m just getting over. There will be more, I swear… I also have a GIVEAWAY planned for whenever I can catch my breath. Hopefully by the end of the week.


Dancing with Sam




First of all, the Orange Rhino is working. I told Evi to say “orange rhino” every time she felt like I was getting too angry, and my promise to her was that I would then be nicer and laugh, even if I didn’t think I was overreacting.

The result? Nearly overnight change. She has ABSOLUTELY called me out at times when I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong, but that was the deal, so I backed off when she charged “orange rhino.” And damn if it didn’t work. She’s easier. I’m easier. It’s all… easier. It’s still a work in progress, but I feel lighter.

And then I came across The Fantasy of Being Thin. It’s a great post and one everyone should read, but it struck a particular chord for me. I’m doing a lot of good things when it comes to body acceptance and awareness. I’m making progress. But I’m still struggling with emotional eating (and it’s less friendly cousin, sneak eating) way more than I should be, and it’s frustrating as hell. And then I read this…

I spent ages in the cognitive dissonance phase, thinking it made perfect sense that the OBESITY CRISIS hype was way overblown, and even if it weren’t, dieting doesn’t work anyway — but still wanting to lose weight, still feeling like I, personally, needed to be a size 10, max, before I could really get started on my fat acceptance journey.

Wait, what? Well, crap. That’s me RIGHT THERE. Every body is beautiful (and mine will be too, in fifty fewer pounds). I love myself (almost as much as I love the fantasy of a smaller me). I am worthwhile (but not quite as worthwhile as I will be when the weight is gone). I enjoy my life and am proud of my body (unless,  you know, someone is looking at it…). Dieting doesn’t work (except when it does, which is never for long, but hey… if I can just string a bunch together…).

THAT is where my head has been, and I didn’t even know it until I read that post. All of THAT is why I’m still struggling with consistency in my workouts even though I flipping LOVE the workout Deb made for me. THAT is why I’m still bouncing around when it comes to good food choices, and why my trash can at work still sports more than it’s fair share of candy wrappers on any given day.

I’m trying to change it. I’m on a mission to edit my photos less and appear in them (fully) more. I’m also taking on a Militant Baker inspired challenge to conquer a photo of myself doing everything on the list of 25 Thing Fat People Shouldn’t Do. I started with walk through a doorway. I plan to do one every day to help me own my body as it is RIGHT NOW.