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Mr. Silly & Mara Glatzel

Mr. Silly

Thanks in no small part to Mara, I had a total epiphany last night. As I sat on the couch, dreading the workout I was already “a day late” in doing, knowing it wasn’t what I wanted to do AT ALL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES… I thought about it.

I thought about Mara‘s beautiful words, her incredible vision, her tendency to know just what I need to hear. So what was it she said that got me really thinking? What incredible wisdom did she offer that made me finally realize I had an option to choose flexibility instead of declaring failure?

Mara's Radical FB Wisdom

So there it is. Some heavy wisdom, right? And in seeing it, I realized it was high time I do just as she suggested and FRACKING LAY OFF myself already.

I stopped trying to force something that just wasn’t gonna happen. I rethought the plan to jump from all yoga all the time to five days a week of one hour strength/cardio workouts. I rearranged my plan to make a crap ton more sense in terms of my lifestyle and schedule, and I feel SO MUCH more relaxed about the whole damned thing now. So here’s the new version. It still includes all the same workouts, minus one buffer week at the end of the year.

It also means I have the rest of this week to get back to the serious yoga practice my mind and body crave. Fifteen minutes in the morning, or thirty at lunch, or thirty at night, or some combination thereof. Mmmm…Yoga.

Happiness is YOGA

And so, I’m ready to be easy with myself. To let the week flow. To stop stressing about stupid things like STICKING TO THE SCHEDULE ZOMG when all I’m really looking for is strength and sweat. If that’s what I really want (and holy moly, I just realized that IS what I’m aiming for) then who cares what schedule I stick to, what workout I do, what “plan” I follow? I’ll get up. I’ll move my body. I’ll sweat it all out. And I’ll do it in a sustainable, non-crazy making way that makes me feel GOOD instead of stressed out.

Another lesson learned.


Owning My Light

This is a year of breakthroughs. It’s the second day and I’ve had a huge one already.

I intended this post to be about my bullet journal, my New Years goals, and answering some questions I’ve gotten a lot lately about no longer dieting/tracking. I spent a few minutes meditating today, and that changed everything. Somewhat randomly (or perhaps not randomly at all?) I ended up looking for a guided meditation from Heather Waxman, who I adore. I dug around a bit, and landed on the On Your Own Light meditation.

Five minutes. Perfect.

Little did I realize I’d end up crying on the floor. Why? I’m still sorting that out, I guess. In fact, I think that’s what I’m doing right now as I type…trying to sort out the why. Maybe I’ll get to the other things I meant to write about today… and maybe not.

I won’t go into the whole meditation, as I STRONGLY encourage you to check it out for yourself. Instead, I’ll simply get to what made me cry. Heather asks you to imagine yourself surrounded by an eggshell. I pictured myself cozy in the darkness. Heather’s gentle voice then prompted me to imagine the shell cracking around me as light poured in. It symbolized the beginning of accepting my light, and I was goddamned terrified. Scared witless. Oh god, I thought. Here it comes. Me. The light in me, and I have to see it. I have to feel it. I have to accept it, accept me.

I fought it. Hard. I dodged and shifted and twitched. In my head, I made it sunlight instead, and that held the tears at bay. And then…

And then she said to peel the shell away. To sit bathed in that gorgeous light, so bright, streaming from ME and out into the world. To share that light. And then, like the slow then sudden breaking of a dam, I was there. Sitting in my own light, breathing it out into the world, and crying so hard I didn’t know if I’d stop.

Well, then.

Just for a moment, I did it. I accepted me, with all of my flaws and quirks and potential for greatness. I let that light shine out of every nook and cranny. It didn’t hurt. I didn’t break or shatter. In fact, it felt kind of… well, good. And as quickly as it came, the crying subsided to a laugh. And I sat there laughing like a loon at my own incredible, shocking light.

Dude. I sort of rock. And guess what else? SO DO YOU. Really. I promise. You’re made of light and stardust and incredible possibilities. This is the year, this is the time to embrace it. Just do. It won’t be perfect. In fact, it will be as messy as my eye makeup ended up. It will also be awesome. And hard. And wonderful.

Own it.


On Productivity

These podcasts I’ve been listening to? These right here? They’re BLOWING MY MIND. As I listen to them, I take notes about things I want to remember, things that seem really powerful or relevant, and exercises I think would be helpful for me to work through.

I think it was this one (honoring your needs) that brought up productivity. I wrote down the exercise: What does it mean to be productive, and how can we shift it to honor our needs?

I was honestly ready to dismiss this prompt. I didn’t think it would be helpful. I know what productivity means. I know when I’m productive and when I’m not. Or do I? Here’s what happened when I wrote it all out:

What does it mean to be productive?

  • meet deadlines
  • finish tasks
  • feel accomplished
  • get “alot” done
  • solve problems
  • have something to show for my work; tangible results

Then I decided to look up the definition of productivity…

* large amounts

* significant

…where I saw the Latin origins…

[producing or giving rise to]

[brought forth]

…and instead of going back through my bullet list to try and reframe each point, this is what happened:

How can I shift it to honor my needs?


As always seems the case lately, the answer is to break it down to its simplest form. It doesn’t have to be about deadlines and tasks. I don’t need to focus on quantifiable, significant in amount results.

Instead, I need to redefine productivity, quite literally, as the bringing forth of significance.

…the bringing forth of significance…


When I give rise to something, when I lift to the light something of meaning, it is then that I am productive.

Now, here, writing in the sun sipping the season’s first pumpkin spice latte… even though it’s still a little too warm for it… this is productive.

The moments I spend curled up with my husband or lying next to Evi as she wakes, smiles, hugs? Those are productive.

The minutes I’ll spend tonight painting my nails blue. The time I spend perfecting the formatting of a document and filling it with my thoughts. The texts and emails checking in on a friend.

Productive. Productive Productive.

Productivity, at it’s heart, is in the moments that matter. It’s in the work that creates meaning, the time devoted to making connections, the passion for a cause.

A hug, a smile, a stolen moment of quiet… these are not the thieves of my productivity. They are the banner carriers, the activists, the ardent representatives of my heart’s truest intentions. They are proof of my productivity, newly redefined for accuracy.

Enough said.


What I Want Her To Know

31 things to teach your daughter I want MY kid to know:

1. How to give a firm handshake.
2. To never wear clothes with something written across the butt that make you feel uncomfortable or fake.
3. A man will never treat a woman better than he treats his mom. Pay attention to how the guys treat their moms, and run from the ones who aren’t respectful. Choose a partner who makes you feel respected and safe, and who inspires you to be your best self.
4. Look people in the eye when you talk to them. Cultivate confidence and self-love, which in turn will radiate love of others.
5. People will judge you by what you say. “I was like, um, totally!” does not qualify as a sentence. Express yourself with confidence and joy.
6. People will judge you by what you wear. Show respect for yourself (and see #2). Screw what people think, because they will find a reason to judge you if they’re so inclined. Be proud of who you are.
7. How to change a tire.
8. How to throw a football. lose yourself in physical movement in a way that brings you peace.
9. Don’t be afraid to use your voice – sometimes it’s the most powerful thing you have, and power is not determined so much by volume, as it is by passionate and consistent communication with respect.
10. Basic self defense – be able to get out of a situation, and run fast. And use that powerful voice.
11. Teach them how to apologize well, ask for help when needed, and that anger is more harmful to the person who harbors it than to who it’s directed at. How to apologize with grace when you’re genuinely at fault, how to stick to your guns without being mean, and how confidence means knowing when to ask for help.
12. What’s in the magazine is photoshopped. Confidence is more attractive than size 2 jeans. Women come in all shapes and sizes. Learn to love your body for the amazing things it does for you every day, and make your food/movement decisions out of love and respect for that amazing, powerful body of yours.
13. Laughter can diffuse many a challenging situation. Especially when you can laugh at yourself.
14. Block out the voices. Not every opinion is worth listening to – listen to the ones that matter, and learn whose opinion you’ll allow to shape your thoughts.
15. Advertising is full of hidden agendas. Don’t fall for it. “Maybe she’s born with it… maybe it’s Maybelline” – really? Maybelline didn’t make her anything she wasn’t born with.
16. How to hit a baseball, throw a punch, and use a compass… or spike a volleyball, roundhouse kick, and use a protractor. Just keep your interests as varied as your beautiful spirit. (Hey, you started out with robots, dinosaurs, and planets and just yesterday declared yourself a doctor scientist astronaut.
17. How to write a proper thank you letter, and how to type…even if you type with four fingers like your Mom.
18. How to manage money.
19. Appreciate the little things (and little refers to more than diamonds and pearls). Appreciate the small gestures in life that make you feel most at peace and in balance.
20. Read often and much. Read works of classic and contemporary literature, fiction and nonfiction. Don’t be ashamed of what you love to read, no matter what anyone else says about it’s quality.
21. Walk in someone else’s shoes. Volunteer for a cause that you feel passionate about.
22. Listen well, both for what’s being said, and for what’s being omitted. Learn to think critically and reason for yourself.
23. Dream big, and set realistic incredible, boundless goals. You can accomplish more than you think you can.
24. Girls can do most things as well as boys can, in general. But know your personal limits, what your own strengths and weaknesses are. Once you know them you can use them to your advantage. Know your strengths and play to them. Acknowledge your weaknesses and work with them. Cultivate radical self-love.
25. Most things worth having or worth doing require sacrifice. Know what you’re willing to sacrifice, and for what.
26. No regrets. Learn from the past, but don’t dwell on what could have been.
27. Just because it’s never been done doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Push the limits.
28. Basic sewing skills. Find joy in crafting, even if you suck at it…. paint or draw or sew or knit, take photographs or make collages… whatever lets you create.
29. How to handle herself online – using good be aware of online privacy, remembering that anything shared can go viral (including pictures in poor taste), and knowing that people online aren’t always who they say they are.
30. Trust your instincts. If it feels wrong, it probably is. Listen to that voice, and don’t silence it.
31. The world isn’t all there is. Rely on God more than you rely on anything else, including yourself. your inner strength and the strength of the people who love you. When all else fails, call your mom and dad. They will hold you up to the last of their strength which, when it comes to you, is boundless. And remember that you’re stronger than you think. 

And a few more, just from me:

  1. If you want to dye your hair a ridiculous color, ask for my help. It’s just hair and it will grow back, but it will turn out infinitely better with someone who can see the back of your head.
  2. Don’t get caught up in what someone else thinks is right for you. You know yourself best (except for maybe me) and what feels right in your heart is probably the best bet.
  3. Don’t lose sight of your heart. It will break, and it will heal, and it will be stronger for it.
  4. If you hate me and your dad, call your Banana.
  5. Move a little every day, in a way that makes your body and your soul feel vibrant and strong. There is no right way.

Do it!

invisible crown

Emmie got me thinking this morning about what will really work best to get me and my body and mind to a place where we all feel good, energetic, and at our best. I’m definitely headed in the right direction, but I’m still struggling a lot, and it’s time to look for ways to help myself move forward. Progress is good. It’s healthy. It helps me stay positive and on track.

So, this morning, as I read through the post, I had a bit of an epiphany. I have been coming at intuitive eating from the standpoint that it must be in the moment, immediate, instantaneous food choices or I won’t truly be honoring my body. But here’s the thing. For the most part, after years of, well, eating, I know quite a bit about how my body responds to most foods. I’m learning that intuitive eating isn’t so much about what I feel like eating at a given moment, but about what response it will provoke in my body. Armed with a fairly well stocked encyclopedia of how my body responds to certain foods, I totally CAN plan ahead.

I’m stealing Emmie’s category headers, because each one provoked a response for me, and I want to talk about them.

Adjust your schedule: I really fall down on this one. Emmie points out that while we think the hardest part of a workout is the workout itself, I’ve noticed that getting there, getting up from my desk, making the time… THAT is my struggle. So I’m going to start scheduling my workouts again. I’ve made a spot in my work calendar for lunch/gym breaks, so now I need to plan specifically what will happen for those breaks. I know I’ll need to be flexible, and I’m ready for that. For sure, my workouts will now include one Pilates session, one yoga session, and one long walk every week, along with some more consistent strength training. And god, as I type that out I realize how amazing that sounds to me. Just the thought of that workout schedule makes me excited, makes my heart all aflutter. E voila, intuition…

Adjust your sleep: Under no circumstances do I get enough sleep. I’m always tired, and it’s not helping. It makes motivation harder to come by, and it makes it easier to eat foods that don’t feel good.

Adjust your stress: This one is super tough for me, since I honestly believe most of my stress comes from outside. However, I can practically hear Karen in my head, reminding me that it’s all about how I process that outside influence, whether or not I allow it to stress me out. So I’m working on slowing down in general, taking things in stride, and making plans to cope with stress. I’m also trying to intentionally add more yoga/Pilates into my schedule, which will help with stress levels for sure.

Adjust your shopping: Aaron and I just talked about this last night. I wanted to get back to cleaner eating, and I had a plan to do so, but (frankly) i ignored the plan because I was concerned about the extra costs. After talking to Aaron, we realized we’re actually eating a lot of processed foods right now, and that portion for portion they’re definitely more expensive, and less satisfying as well.

Adjust your family: This one is easier for me. Emmie says to cut back on the eating out. We eat out once a week, maximum, and we nearly always go somewhere like Panera where healthier choices are easier. Our snacks at home are incredibly healthy since Evi picks them out and leans toward healthy stuff naturally. Still, I’ll work to be more mindful.

Adjust your mind: This is a BIG one for me. I’m not sure, but I think it is going to mean a return to more regular blogging. I most certainly can’t afford therapy, so this is a pretty great substitute for me. I have to be vigilant about really thinking through what’s going on in my head. I have to be honest with myself, and with this blog. It’s a long process, but I’m ready for it. I’m also going to start trying a little harder with my fashion. I’ve fallen into a rut, telling myself it’s about ease and comfort, that doesn’t make me feel good about the way I look. I have some decent stuff, so it’s time to take a little more pride in myself.

Adjust your body: I’ve had more than my fair share of testing done lately, so I think I’m in pretty good shape in terms of understanding where my body currently is. What I need to do now is focus on keeping it that way. I need to be paying careful attention to my pain levels, to my stretches and strength building exercises, and to progress markers, no matter how small.

It’s weird to realize I’ve been doing everything in a totally unhelpful way for SO long. The process of getting to a good place is so long, so all encompassing. I have to change nearly everything. I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed, but surprisingly energized as well.
Thanks, Emmie. I needed this sort of reflection today.


No limitsToday is about joy. It’s a fight for me to keep it today, but I WILL, even if I have to hold on a little too tight. And the Universe, literally in this case, seems aligned to help me out.

Do you know why I’m so fond of the time-space continuum, Heather?

Besides that I thought it up…

Besides you being in it…

Besides puppies and kittens…

It’s because it can all seem so logical… so predictable… so real, when you want it to. Or, in the twinkling of an eye, you can choose to remember it’s not.

Keep it up, love –
The Universe

Get your Notes from the Universe, or check out what Brave Girls Club had for me today:Frankly, this couldn’t be a better day for my coaching session with Mara, or to start up my Acceptance Whispering with Karen, or to work on my Unravelling Workbook. I’m poised for big changes, bright and shiny new things, and I’m ready to take them on. I’m ready to put my authentic self out into the world and see what it gives me in return.

It’s scary. If I’m authentically me and someone doesn’t like it, I can’t blame it on my body or my hair or my attitude. It’s ME, the real and true ME, that they don’t like. I CAN, however, recognize that it’s simpler than all of that. Not everyone will like me. It means nothing. Maybe it’s a personality clash. Maybe it’s unmanifested insecurities from one party or the other. In the end, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t take anything away from ME. In fact, it throws into sharp contrast the absolute beauty of the people who DO like me, who share their lives and smiles and struggles with me in the same authentic spirit I offer to them. It gives me the opportunity to be that much more grateful for the people who care for me, and for whom I so deeply care in return.

So no more of what I “should” be or what I think I need. This year is all about LOVE for myself, right? So really loving me the way I deserve? It’s going to mean brutal honesty. It’s going to mean taking risks, putting myself out there in bold new ways, and finally having the courage to ask for what I really want from the Universe.

So if you’re reading this? I’d really like you to check in. Just say hi. Know that I’m so pleased to share my journey with you, and I hope that you share yours too.


Falling Apart

A NHBPM post…

Falling apart...I’m probably being melodramatic, but I do feel a little like things are falling apart right now. My personal life is healthy and happy, so I have that to hang on to…. but…

There’s a lot of upheaval and unrest at work right now that has me stressed out, and I’m definitely only barely hanging on to my workout schedule. Food is still a mess.

And so, per today’s NHBPM prompt, I tried to find a quote that inspired me a little. This one seemed… apt. Now is the perfect time for me to remember that shifting tides doesn’t always mean disaster on the horizon. Maybe it’s just time for a change, and as long as I’m still hanging on to my healthy habits (and getting my head around some new ones) it doesn’t matter how “barely” it’s happening. I’m making time for me. I’m turning the focus to a mental and internal one, and one that I think is desperately needed right now. I have a lot going on, and I’m not going to be seeing my family at Christmas this year, which is unimaginably hard for me. In fact, I’m mostly pretending that isn’t happening, which probably has something to do with a lot of this underlying stress.

I think all of November’s planned self-discovery is going to be tough. I’m not particularly looking forward to some of what I might uncover in the process of affirmations (insecurities) and writing prompts (inner thoughts) and everything else, but I think it’s an important part of a more balance health. I can’t work only on my outsides, and maybe my continued struggles with physical health goals have a lot to do with my long term resistance to dealing with mental stuff. I know I’ve got insecurities and weird thoughts and things I need to work on, and I might as well start now. So here we go, right?

And so, this quote IS inspiration. It’s a reminder that we all need to remember how often, how sometimes drastically, life changes. Rolling with the changes, looking for positives in them, using them as a source of forward momentum… that’s where I define myself as a champ. Success, for me, isn’t going to be about how much I do, what I get, how fast I run, how much weight I lose, or any other so easily measured source. For me, and maybe for all of us, it’s all about what we do with what is done to us. There is only so much we can control, and what makes or breaks us (and our dreams) is what we do with the rest of it. So for me, I’m going to do everything I can to turn this into an energy source, momentum to push me forward and ahead and closer to what I want from life. Maybe it really is getting to somewhere better. After all, there is a lot I’d shift or change about where I’m at now, so maybe it’s not such a bad thing for things to be shaken up a bit. It’s stressful in the midst of the process, but it may well mean a better year to come. I could use a better year.

So I guess you guys are in for a long ride with me this month, as I make some attempts at delving deeper and really looking at myself in some newer, much scarier ways. I understand if you don’t want to stick around, but if you do I’d sure like your input. Your thoughts and stories and comments are more helpful than you realize, and even your criticisms are a pretty valuable form of support. So chime in if you feel so moved.

In only slightly unrelated news, can I ask a parenting question? What do you do when your innate parenting styles differ? Aaron and I had a tiff this morning… we don’t really fight, but we disagreed… about parenting. What I thought was relatively constructive dealings with a SUPER cranky three year old this morning he saw as me “fighting” with her. To be clear, I absolutely did not call her names or threaten her or argue for it’s own sake. It was just a matter of the way he was reading the situation. He has a tendency to disengage, to sit back and let her whine it out, while I tend to try and talk her through it. Some of it, I think, is a gender thing. He’s going to have to adjust to the significantly more percussive way that two women communicate with one another. I haven’t had the chance to talk to him about it either, which I’ll do tonight when we’re both no longer at work, and I know it’s going to be fine… I’m just curious about someone else’s take on dealing with different parenting styles since it’s not something we’ve ever dealt with before now.


Just Write

RainI don’t know how to deal with all of these feelings, so I’m going with Meegan’s suggestion to just write. Maybe if I can get some of the jumble out of my head it will start to make more sense.

I’m still eating with punishment in mind. Maybe it’s not punishment so much. More I think it’s… hiding. I’m running away. I’m scared of the hard work, and scared that my best won’t be enough to make it happen. It. Whatever it is. Better health, better body, more energy… I don’t know. I have these goals I guess. I want to be thinner and healthier. I want to be a runner. I want to eat cleaner foods. I want to be full of light and energy. I want to make more money so we aren’t constantly struggling. I want to be a writer professionally, and not just when I can squeeze it into my crazy schedule. I want to get back to the gym.

But… I’m afraid I can’t get there. I’m afraid I’ll never be able to run, I’ll always be slow and struggling and barely able to breathe. I’m afraid to ask for the cleaner foods because they cost more and we have no money. I’m afraid of dealing with the darkness so I can be light. I’m afraid of pursuing my professional goals and flopping, as I have before, and costing us our house or worse. I’m afraid of being judged by my gym friends who haven’t seen me in three weeks.

There’s an angry little girl in my head and she wants to be in control. She doesn’t want me to succeed. I don’t know who she is really, except a scary part of me. I didn’t have a bad childhood. I’ve never been abused. I don’t have a tragic story to share. Sometimes I feel like I don’t “deserve” to feel like I’m struggling in light of the SO MUCH HEAVIER things other people are carrying around. How ungrateful am I that I am “struggling” when my life has been, compared to most, so easy? Why can’t I get it together?

… sorry, had to work through some tears there…

I feel a mess right now. I feel broken. I feel sad and tired. I feel totally hormonal. I’m tired of fighting. I’m tired of my stomach hurting from stress or food issues or whatever it is that makes it that way. I’m tired of being 32 and feeling professional unfulfilled.

I’ve gained four pounds. I have a sinus infection. I feel lost. I might need help, but I don’t know how to ask for it or who to ask.

That’s all I’ve got for today.


Fear and consequences

Goat!I don’t know man… the goat picture just continues to make me laugh, and since I’m about to talk about serious things, I wanted to start out with something lighter. If you’re not in the mood for an introspective, deepish post, just look at the floating goat for now.


So… I went haywire this weekend. It started out with a Friday after-work beer with coworkers, which somehow turned into two beers and crab dip in a bread bowl. Saturday morning I woke up with a don’t care attitude and ate too much of the wrong things from the start… then finished the day with two sangrias and a ton of fried, heavy food at dinner. I woke up at 2am sweaty and nauseous, determined to stop. I started out well on Sunday, then quickly transitioned to fried pickles, too many dinner rolls with too much butter, and several ice cream bars.

It just didn’t go well, and it brought along with it the headaches, stomach issues, and fatigue that always ride along with terrible food choices.

And the thing is… it was a willful decision. I don’t know why really. I thought a lot about it, and I do think some work stress is playing into it, but I think there’s more than that.

Honestly… I think I’m afraid. I’m afraid of success when it comes to my own health and fitness. I’m seeing real results. Strangers are commenting on obvious changes. I feel stronger. I look stronger. Evi noticed that I have the barest beginnings of definition in my abs. She thinks it’s funny that my arms are “hard” when I flex.

And so I’ve started to set some goals. I want to run the 5K at FitBloggin. I want to lose more weight. I want to drop a size by Christmas. I want to get through the September Warrior Dash without missing a single obstacle due to weakness or fear.

Suddenly it all terrifies me. What if I can’t meet those goals? What if I don’t meet them? What if I tell everyone about them and then I fail? What if this little bit of success is fleeting? What if I can’t maintain it, can’t keep it going? (Let us not use rational thinking to point out to my craziness that I’ve never held on this long, never felt so much like I’ve made a real life change.)

Alice rabbit holeYep, welcome to the rabbit hole. It goes deep, and I’m not sure how much I can explore it.

I don’t know why I seem so inclined to fight my own success, or worse yet why this time I’ve let myself get so much farther before the self-destruct mechanism kicked in. In some ways it’s worse this way, because I’ve come so far and seen so much success.

I’m not mad about the food choices I made this weekend. I made the wrong choices and for the wrong reasons, but learning to handle this sort of thing is all part of the process that will get me to long-term success.

There it is again though. Just typing the words “long-term success” triggered a sniggering in my brain, a gut reaction, a tiny little voice reminding me I’d never make it. “But I AM making it,” my rational mind screams, and yet…

I swear I’m not as doldrums and doom as this post might read. In reality, I’m in a fairly good place in so many aspects of my life. I am still making good food choices most of the time, and I’m still spending mornings at the gym. I haven’t let it beat me yet. I just wish I understood what was behind it all in the first place, and (more importantly) how to get past it so that I wouldn’t constantly be fighting the urge to beat myself down. I like me. I find myself to be rather likable, funny, dependable. I’m a good listener, I have a nice smile. I like to make people happy. My daughter is awesome, which I’m content to take some small measure of credit for. I work hard, I like to learn, I am loved.

So why?


Self care

Picnic pinup


I’m fairly certain that picture has nothing to do with my blog post this morning, it just fit my mood.

After yesterday’s failed counseling appointment, I’m on my own to look for ways to handle my stress without being destructive with my eating. The hardest part is that I know what I should be doing (don’t eat…) but in the moment I am just not making the right decisions! I do know that exercise seems to help a lot, so I will be making an active effort to add more exercise time into my schedule even if it means cutting back my work hours. I may also look for some on-campus yoga classes, but I have to be careful how much I try to add in to my schedule, since then it just becomes another source of stress.

In much less stressful news, I’m off to a busy but fun weekend! Today I’ll be headed to a rehearsal dinner, a pedicure, a bachelorettes dinner, and duckpin bowling. Tomorrow will be a beautiful brunch with my sister, my two brothers, my sister-in-law, my nephew, and maybe one of my best friends too!

I hope your weekend is off to a great start!