…Downward Spiral…

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks talking about how I don’t want to be the person who finally makes health changes because I’m forced to based on bad news. I’ve also spent the same 2 weeks changing absolutely nothing about my health habits.

On Thursday morning, I had to have something biopsied unexpectedly, and while I know it’s probably nothing, it scared me a little. So what did I do on Thursday? I had a cheese steak for lunch and 6 truffles in the afternoon.

Was I stress eating? Absolutely. But WHY? Here I am saying I don’t want to end up in bad health circumstances, but I just keep making decisions over and over that don’t make me feel my best. I eat food that upsets my stomach. I don’t exercise enough. The motivation is just never there…there is ALWAYS something else I’d rather do than eat a salad or exercise.

As always, I’m back here to try making a new commitment to my health. I should have the biopsy results back sometime in the next two weeks, when I’ll also get the stitches out from the biopsy. Until then, I can’t do any rigorous exercise (not a good plan with abdominal stitches) but I CAN focus on getting every one of my miles in, getting my 10K steps a day, and making better food choices.


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