Healthy is Awful

You might hate it. It might never get easier. You might despise every second of it. You might spend every day wishing you didn’t have to. You might hate every bite of that salad, and begrudge every drop of sweat.

It gets easier.

But sometimes it doesn’t.

It will become a habit.

And you may still fight it every single day.

You might never, ever enjoy a salad instead of a burger. You might never want to get up early and get sweaty.

And by you, I mean me.

And maybe…maybe that’s ok. Maybe by embracing that it’s just always going to be a struggle, it won’t feel so bad.

They say there’s glory in the finish, but what about the strength it takes to begin…again.*

If I keep expecting it to get easier and it never does, then I just feel like a constant failure. If I accept that it’s always, always going to suck and it keeps sucking…at least I knew it. And if I’m wrong and somewhere down the line it gets better, that’s just a bonus.

Their words and thoughts were so clear, they became real. By soaking their thoughts, they brought the world into existence.**

Maybe? Maybe not. But in any case, it’s time to settle in. It’s time to do the work, not because it’s so much fun or so very fulfilling, but because it’s worth doing.


*Under Armour commercial
**Crash Course Mythology #2 – Mayan Creation Myth


5 thoughts on “Healthy is Awful

  1. Mary

    And this is why I can’t get my ass off the couch (well, this plus a major depressive episode that is seeming to last forever). I told my therapist this week that I wished I could care about myself as much as I care about other people. Because if that were the case, I certainly would not treat this body like I do.

    1. YSP Post author

      Sending love. I know it’s so hard to dig out of that hole. You’re going to a therapist, which means you DO care about yourself VERY MUCH. That’s tough work, and don’t you forget it! The body stuff might get easier when the mind & heart are feeling better.


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