Baby girl. You’re seven today.


Not days, or weeks, or months, but seven whole years. And they’ve been such wonderful years. You’ve taught me about the world, ignited my inner science geek, and made everything brighter.

You’ve challenged me to be a better mother, and I’ve learned to fight for what you need most. Every day I learn more about how to raise a gifted, highly sensitive kid.

You make my world better. You see the world in a way that helps me remember that life is awesome. You’re endlessly curious, amazingly creative, and tender-hearted beyond compare.

Because of you, this year we’ve:
– gone to Kennedy Space Center
– read a million books
– become vegetarians
– walked a family 5K
– explored the Everglades
– met Chewbacca
– visited the train museum
– cosplayed at ComicCon

And so very much more. You continue to make our world a brighter place, and I’m so lucky to have you. You fill a place in m my heart no one else could fill.


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