Adventures in Achilles Tendonitis

Last Friday, I finally went to the doctor after a super painful tearing feeling in my heel left me with consistent foot pain. Per the podiatrist, I have a small tear in my Achilles tendon, a whole lot of swelling, and something that’s probably a bone spur but could be a crystal built up from too much uric acid.

The treatment? Rest. Ice. A blood test to determine the answer to the spur/crystal debate. A corticosteroid to decrease the inflammation and give things a chance to heal. And, once the pain passes, regular yoga to keep things loose, warm, and stretched out. Oh, and a doctor’s order to stop wearing cheap, unsupportive shoes.

What caused it? Increased bootcamp and running alongside nearly no yoga. Age. Bad luck. All of the above and a sprinkle of who knows.

What am I doing? Well…not what I should. Since Friday I’ve done no yoga. I didn’t pick up my steroid until today. I went to the zoo on Sunday and walked all over the place, even after my foot started hurting. I’ve been using cold packs at night, and wearing braces or compression socks. I got supportive shoes for work. The things I’m doing right are helping, but they aren’t outpacing the things I’m doing wrong.

So I’m committing to doing what my body needs. I’m taking the month off from bootcamp, resting and wrapping as needed. I’m wearing good shoes with braces all the time. I start my steroid tomorrow, and will call to schedule my blood test. I’ll ask for orthotics when I go back to the podiatrist next week. I’ll take my medicine like a pro, and once the pain passes I’ll stretch like I should.

It turns out I’m a terrible patient, and awfully stubborn. I don’t like not being able to do what I want, feeling weak, or being limited. BUT it’s time to do the right thing so I can heal completely, or I’ll end up even more injured than before.


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  1. Thea @ It's Me Vs. Me

    I’m a horrible patient, too. We (the collective) always complain about how it sucks to not be able to do what we want to, but we don’t do what we need to in order to get back to it. Self sabotage and inner toddler at it again! I hope you’re feeling better!


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