No limitsToday is about joy. It’s a fight for me to keep it today, but I WILL, even if I have to hold on a little too tight. And the Universe, literally in this case, seems aligned to help me out.

Do you know why I’m so fond of the time-space continuum, Heather?

Besides that I thought it up…

Besides you being in it…

Besides puppies and kittens…

It’s because it can all seem so logical… so predictable… so real, when you want it to. Or, in the twinkling of an eye, you can choose to remember it’s not.

Keep it up, love –
The Universe

Get your Notes from the Universe, or check out what Brave Girls Club had for me today:Frankly, this couldn’t be a better day for my coaching session with Mara, or to start up my Acceptance Whispering with Karen, or to work on my Unravelling Workbook. I’m poised for big changes, bright and shiny new things, and I’m ready to take them on. I’m ready to put my authentic self out into the world and see what it gives me in return.

It’s scary. If I’m authentically me and someone doesn’t like it, I can’t blame it on my body or my hair or my attitude. It’s ME, the real and true ME, that they don’t like. I CAN, however, recognize that it’s simpler than all of that. Not everyone will like me. It means nothing. Maybe it’s a personality clash. Maybe it’s unmanifested insecurities from one party or the other. In the end, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t take anything away from ME. In fact, it throws into sharp contrast the absolute beauty of the people who DO like me, who share their lives and smiles and struggles with me in the same authentic spirit I offer to them. It gives me the opportunity to be that much more grateful for the people who care for me, and for whom I so deeply care in return.

So no more of what I “should” be or what I think I need. This year is all about LOVE for myself, right? So really loving me the way I deserve? It’s going to mean brutal honesty. It’s going to mean taking risks, putting myself out there in bold new ways, and finally having the courage to ask for what I really want from the Universe.

So if you’re reading this? I’d really like you to check in. Just say hi. Know that I’m so pleased to share my journey with you, and I hope that you share yours too.


5 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Mary

    I love that you read the Little Bird Told Me emails AND that you are doing the unraveling workbook because I do both of those things as well!

    Anyway, today’s email spoke to me SO MUCH because when I met with my therapist two weeks ago, the entire session was about me learning to trust my gut. Part of my “thing” for the past however-many years is that every time my gut speaks up and tries to react to something, I cram some food into it to shut it up. Awesome. Anyway, I meet with her again today, and I printed out a copy of this Daily Truth to bring with me (although I also introduced her to the BGC, and she also gets the emails) because it was like, “HEY! MARY! It’s ME, the UNIVERSE! I am TALKING TO YOU!!!!”

    Now, I just have to figure out how to learn to listen.

  2. mostlyforwardy

    Reading your thoughts is like a pep talk for what I should be telling myself. I so look forward to watching you as you unravel, accept and work through who your authentic self is. I am sure it will help so many of us inch close to who we are as well. 🙂


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