Uberlist 2013

New Years BokehFirst, a review of my 2012 list.

  1. Two REAL, childless dates with my husband – done! We took a day off and went to the movies, and then spent an unexpectedly good day together on my colonoscopy day.
  2. 300 miles logged – According to DailyMile, I logged 505 miles this year!
  3. 4+ days of exercise every week (allowing a few weird weeks) – I am sure I could look back and figure this out exactly, but I feel good about the frequency of my workouts overall.
  4. Increase fruits & veggies – Definitely did this one, thanks to some great cooking!
  5. Decrease sugar intake – I was successful with this sometimes, but overall didn’t back away from the sugar enough, which is why I’ll be giving up desserts entirely in January.
  6. Read five of the 100+ books I have sitting in my study – Yeah… not so much.
  7. Improve my career by either finding a traditional full-time job or improving my freelance situation – Did that for sure!
  8. Run/walk at least two charity events – I did the Warrior Dash for St Judes, but never got a second event in.
  9. Pay off one credit card or other debt source – Nope.
  10. Take more pictures – I walked a fine balance here between living more and still documenting. I’m happy with this one.
  11. Spend some time studying my Italian – I think I studied maybe twice through the whole year…
  12. WARRIOR DASH – just finish it! – I did so much more than finish! I conquered.
  13. Spend more than 12 hours in NYC – Not even close. I’ll be spending about 6 hours in Philly this January though…
  14. Make at least five recipes from my Pinterest vault – Oh yes! Our favorites:

2013 Please Be AwesomeFor 2013, I’ll be focusing on monthly goals instead of setting a whole year’s worth of goals right now.


I’ll also be hoping to get in a date day with Aaron at least every other month, see my family at least twice, and take Evi on an adventure to do something cool and out of the ordinary. I’ll be participating in this year’s Warrior Dash again too!



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  1. fitnesscheerleader

    I love the monthly goal ideas! I bet it would be easier to track and monitor because the time period is much shorter and more attainable, what a great first step towards the very first challenge in the 31 Days to a Healthier You series! Thanks for joining!


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