Why I write about my health…

A National Health Blog Post…

Why do I write about my health? Because I need help sometimes. Because it helps me keep track, see progress, and not feel alone. Because it matters to me that someone, somewhere might see what I’m writing and it might help them even a little bit. I like the sense of community created by blogging, the AMAZING people I’ve met from this little endeavor, and the fun times it’s led to.

Blogging about my health has led me to running, trying CrossFit, making lifelong friends, finding amazing support groups, learning to clean up my eating… the community I’ve found through this blog has pulled me through some of the darkest times in my life. You all get a huge thanks for that.

So in the end, I blog about my health because it helps me stay healthy. By writing about my health, I learn more about it. I discover things, learn new things, and delve into topics I might not otherwise even consider. It’s my own form of therapy, and it keeps me sane.


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